2019 Savannah Meet – Oyster Roast and Low Country Boil

The 8th annual Savannah Quit Meet was held from February 1st through February 3rd in Savannah, GA. It was hosted by forum member Scowick65 and his lovely wife. With 11 quitters there were 81 years or 29,707 days of glorious represented. KTC members in attendance included: Big Brother Jack, cbird, Miles, … Continue reading

Sporticus at the Cape Cod Marathon

Sporticus Cape Cod Marathon

KillTheCan.org forum member Sporticus at the start of the Cape Cod Marathon. He posted this to Facebook: “I totally forgot to post this earlier, but on October 29th, I completed my first marathon. I carried my HOF coin in my fuel belt as a reminder that perseverance and dedication often overcome … Continue reading