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What’s Wrong With the Occasional Cigar?

Smoking CigarOne day back in October of 2016, a dumbass smoked a cigar while the rest of his group was just beginning to cross the HOF line. These were the parting words to his group:

Hey guys, I didn’t post a promise today, and this is why. I came to KTC to kill the can of death that I carried in my pocket for 8 years. I have done so, and frankly, have no desire to take another dip. Well I do, but I keep that shit at bay with my teaza and my unwillingness to waver from my commitment that I made to myself not to dip. I’m not dipping, and I have no desire to return to that way of life. However, last night, I went out to watch football with some friends and one of the guys brought cigars. I’ve always liked an occasional cigar, going back way before my dipping days. I smoked a sublime tatuaje and watched the game.

Now, I know that’s not kosher with KTC and I believe I must now be kicked out of the group as a dirty lowlife caver. I have not caved in my promise to myself and I will not, with or without the site. Cigars will not be my gateway to dip. I won’t start smoking a cigar or two daily. I’m not going to start chain smoking lucky strikes. I’d have more of a chance of sprouting wings and popping a unicorn out of my ass when I try to let out a silent fart. Not gonna happen. BSR texted me about my promise today and asked if I was going to post a day 1 in January. I am not going to post a day 1 and I’m not answering any 3 questions because my commitment to quit dip has not wavered. I want you guys to know that I’m proud of every single damn one of you and I thank you for your support through this.

Well, let me tell you what happened next, since I have inside info about this dumbass…

He smoked another cigar a week later
Then he smoked another 2 or 3 days later.
He felt he wasn’t addicted anymore.
He bought a can and had one dip, threw the rest away.
A couple days later, he bought another can, had one dip, threw the rest away.
That day on the way home, he bought another can
And considered his fiscal irresponsibility so left it in the truck.
He would only take a dip in the morning, at noon, and after work.
That worked well until he was stressed and put the can in his pocket.
He downed the next can in a day
And thus, a can to can and a half for another 1.5 years…
Until he came back to KTC with his tail between his legs
His head hanging low, and a lot more humility than before, he asked forgiveness
That day was June 10, 2017. And he posted a day 284 today.

With full knowledge that he can’t open that door even a crack. No nicotine, not today, not ever.

Yep…I was that dumbass and I still am, but with more tools, more history, and more reason than ever to stay quit. I quit with all of you today.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Broccoli-saurus

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5 years ago

No doubt, quittin ain’t easy

5 years ago

Oh yeah…once an addict, always an addict. You can only dance with the devil for so long. In the end, the addiction comes back; it always does.

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