Ode To Day 84 – With KTC We Are Never Alone

Transformers G1 1984

As I look through the list of my brothers in Quit, I can help but smile, from going through this shit. A whole bunch of us have posted and stayed true, And someway, somehow, we’ve all made it through. I’m not just saying this to heap on the praise, ‘Cause … Continue reading

Ode To Day 83 – The Funk Sets In

Detective Comics83

Another day clean, but it started out rough, Sometimes it’s the little things that make our quits tough. Maybe its a smell, or something that we see. For me it’s a place that always tempts me. I’m the first in my office, the only one here, I could always put … Continue reading

Why We Are Here

Let Me Tell You Why You're Here

This site is built for quitting and helping others quit. That is first and foremost, above everything. There have been many other non-quit threads created for the purpose of allowing quitters a distraction for the hell they are going through. That distraction was very crucial during the first part of … Continue reading