Why Did You Quit Dipping? [Reader Poll]

KTC PollWe’re always looking to better understand our addiction to nicotine. We often say that to really be successful you have to quit for yourself. That being said, there are a slew of reasons that people decide to quit dipping.

Here’s your chance to chime in. Please answer the poll and leave a comment with additional thoughts.

Why did you quit dipping?

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Donald Beach
Donald Beach
4 years ago

I had done it for 26 years,thankfully..I have had no health concerns…some bad teeth over the years,but that’s it…it’s a horrible,disgusting habit…I’m done with nicotine controlling every aspect of my life..with God al things are possible..I pray that he continues to bless me and everyone else trying to quit a habit..with His willpower and strength…Amen

6 years ago

I went to a oral surgeon to have a tooth
Removed only to be told the side of my
Cheek doesn’t look good and will need to be biopsied too make sure as I sat in the chair getting numb it hit me my kids and wife didnt sign up for this I need to be healthy and need to be here for them the last can in the dentist trash
Can on my way out 12 days ago

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