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TeaZa Herbal Energy Pouch Review

Teaza SamplesIf you’ve read my stuff here at you know I’m a huge proponent of smokeless tobacco alternatives (fake dip).  I’m always looking for new products in this space and I’m thrilled to be able to review another new product – TeaZa Energy Pouches.  TeaZa is a small pouch product designed to boost energy and mental focus while providing oral satisfaction.  TeaZa was developed by a group of doctors, pharmacists and chemists at Trim Nutrition and is currently available in 4 flavors: Cinnamon, Coffee, Peppermint and Fire.

I would have had this review posted much sooner but I’m just getting over some nasty mouth issues… apologies for the delay!

The TeaZa website states that the product development team had several goals in mind when developing the product including boosting energy levels and mental focus, providing oral stimulation and decreasing hunger and food cravings.

Teaza PouchesInitial Impressions

Outstanding smell when opening the product.  I was able to get my hands on sample packs of all 4 flavors (FREE samples available on the TeaZa website here) and I was pumped to try them all.  As i get further and further along in my quit I’m becoming a bigger and bigger fan of pouch alternative products so that’s a plus in my eyes as well.  I’m always a little leery when products tout the “energy” aspect of an alternative, but if I’m being honest that’s probably NOT what a dip quitter is interested in.  We’re all about dealing with that oral fixation.  

The size of the pouches is nice.  I probably could have gotten by with one as they do pack quite a bit of flavor but as I always do I popped in two.  They were a bit drier than I anticipated, but that wasn’t an issue a few seconds after I popped one in.  Spitability is a BIG plus for all 4 flavors I tried.  Also a cool feature is that as these are tea products, you can safely swallow the saliva produced.  The pouches are also eco-friendly if you’re into that sort of thing.  

As this is a tea product I was expecting more tea flavor than I got.  This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing… just something I noticed and wanted to point out.  It wasn’t till very late in the chew that I started to pick up the tea flavor.

Peppermint Energy Pouches

Being a former Kodiak Wintergreen guy I started right in with a flavor I’d be most familiar with.  Great smell upon opening the can and an outstanding flavor rush.  Great spitability with little or no brown coloring that tobacco and many of the other alternatives give.  Also, outstanding longevity in this product. The site says that they’re designed to be kept in an hour or more.  I’m not sure I’d go that far, but I did keep it in for a good 30-45 minutes before taking it out with little flavor loss.   One of my pouches broke apart a bit so I got a few floating bits of tea in the back of my mouth, but this is most likely due to the fact that I “work” my chews to really intensify the flavors.  I didn’t experience breakage with any other flavors nor on subsequent tests with Peppermint.  If you’re a peppermint / wintergreen fan I highly recommend this.

Spicy Cinnamon Pouches

I’ve never been a huge flavored chew guy so I wasn’t really looking forward to Cinnamon.  That said, I do recognize that having multiple flavors is a big win for any fake dip company.  I’m happy to say that this did have a great cinnamon flavor even for a guy like me who really doesn’t like the flavor.  No breakage of the pouch and I had ZERO color to my spit (which was plentiful) until about the 20 minute mark of my chew.  If you’re a flavored dip  / cinnamon fan you’ll probably like this one.

Coffee Energy Pouches

I’m definitely getting the coffee flavor here.  It’s also the first time that I’m really getting any tea flavor as well.  I’m guessing that’s because it’s a close flavor profile to begin with.  Once again great spitability and smells when opening the product.  Toward the end of my chew (30-40 minutes in) this one got a bit “bitter”.  I think that’s the tea coming through.  A nice flavor if you’re a coffee drinker.

Fire Energy Pouches

I saved this one for last for a couple of reasons.  First, I always like to try “new” flavors last and secondly I was a bit scared.  Looking over the ingredients list for this one I see that it includes both cayenne pepper and habanero pepper.  Gulp.  The flavor started out incredibly nice and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  Then the heat from the habanero really kicked in and this one got HOT.  Like super hot.  This is definitely the hottest of all the alternative products I’ve ever reviewed.  I was able to keep this one in for 30 minutes but after the 15 minute mark I KNEW I had a dip in.  If you’re looking for a fake dip with a kick this is the one for you.

The Pros

  • GREAT spitibility.
  • Large pouch size.
  • Zero cleanup.
  • Eco-friendly / swallow-able

The Cons

  • Very little “tea” flavor until much later in your chew (except with the Coffee flavor).
  • Only available in pouches – this may be a negative for some as its not a “dip” product.
  • Fire is HOT.  It may be too hot for some.


Overall I was very impressed with TeaZa Herbal Energy Pouches. Outstanding flavor, even better spitibility and a nice long chew for all flavors I sampled.  As I get further along in my quit I’m becoming more of a fan of pouch product so that was a big plus for me.  If you’re earlier in your quit and you’re looking for something that’s super close to real dip this may not be for you.  Peppermint was probably my favorite flavor and if you’re looking for a hot / spicy alternative the Fire flavor with habanero is the hottest I’ve tried.

Special thanks to Patti from TeaZA for providing me samples to try and review.

Get your TeaZa Energy Pouches  in their online store here.  All flavors are available in single, 4 or 10 packs. Tell em sent you!

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Have you tried TeaZa Energy Pouches?  Contact us and we’ll add your review to the site!

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  1. Chewie – I am a Kodiak guy looking to kick the habit, and am looking for a good subsititute to start off with. What is your recommendation? I was going to purchase some of this Teaza, but after reading your comments this may not be a good product to start with for “early” quitters. Suggestions please…

    1. Hey Seth – I was a Kodiak guy too – Wintergreen. TeaZa is definitely a good product, but there may be something “closer” if that’s what you’re looking for. I’d point you to Hooch or Smokey Mountain Wintergreen. Both are outstanding products and what I’d consider the “closest to the real thing” on the market today.

  2. Hey Chewie, great in depth reviews. I just ordered a can of the coffee pouches. Can I expect any type of energy boost like it says? Or did you?

    1. Thanks Stuart! Looking forward to what you think of the coffee pouches. As for the energy boost… I can’t say I necessarily felt any different. That said, I stay pretty caffinated througout the day so I’m not sure that an extra boost would be felt.

      1. Alright thanks I was just curious. I’m on my 4th day dip free, was at about half a can copenhagen straight a day for the last 2 years. Hopefully this helps. My main cravings are after meals and when I’m at the ball field. But I figured I better quit now before it gets even harder down the road. This website is awesome though I’m glad I found it. It’s definitely been good reading other people’s quitting stories. I’m just taking it one day at a time, seeds and gum. Anyway, thanks again for the response!

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