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TeaZa Herbal Energy Pouches – Review by Sox2012

Teaza SamplesHello quitters!!! I wanted to get a few reviews on here about alternative products. I know I tried sunflower seeds, gum, candy and mints to try and satisfy that urge. You all know that urge. You just ate and you need that dip. Stress level just went up to 1000, you need that dip. You’re on a long road trip and need something to pass the time, you need that dip. After over 850 days quit I have finally found my replacement. I recently contacted Teaza Energy Pouches with a few questions. After a short conversation I was able to secure myself a few samples. I was sent the following flavors: peppermint, chill and the new dark cherry. They arrived this past Monday and I have been using them ever since. I can imagine some of you are thinking to yourself “What in the world is a Teaza Energy Pouch?” Well let me explain, Teaza energy pouches are similar in size to a Skoal Bandit filled with natural herbs, vitamins and small bit of caffeine for a quick energy boost and to improve mental focus. These small pouches are packed with flavor and with choices like peppermint, chill, dark cherry and more there is something for everybody. It is 9:15 am as I am writing this, I have had a dark cherry in between cheek and gum since about 7:45 and I’m still getting flavor out of it! I know I have focused on the dippers, but this product works for smokers too!! No tobacco, no nicotine just all natural filling and great taste. I would recommend these to everyone from the guy or gal who just quit to my brothers and sisters who have paved the way for my quit. When you visit their website and sign up for their newsletter you will receive an instant savings coupon for 50% off!! Check them out at the link below to try them for yourself!!

I just ordered my first 10 pack this morning and with my coupon code plus shipping it only cost me $27 and change. I used to spend twice as much on my chew and I can’t imagine what it would be equal to in cigarettes. I can’t wait for my shipment to arrive. They have become my new go product to satisfy those urges.

The following review was sent in by forum member sox2012

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