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That is My Spit Bottle!

KTC Logo Green YellowMy Mind was clear and I was determined to quit for good! Why? Well, a career change. Quick story. Three years before I quit, I had a complete mental reboot. With this new mindset, my priorities changed. My family and I had just sold our Home and moved into the City. We had struggled our entire life and it seemed we never reached our potential like we wanted. I had always worked very hard. Mostly outdoor labor jobs up until i joined the force. Dealing with the ups and downs of being in Law enforcement for several loooong years, the thought of quitting had entered my mind here and there but no way was I going to be a quitter lol. Anyway, once we moved I decided to change my Life. I wanted better for my family, Less stress and better finances.

At 39 years of age I decided to start getting in shape. I started running and working out. I started searching for a new career that would allow me to reach my potential. Getting in Shape was awesome and I felt like I was 18 again. I was even able to get off of my blood pressure medication. Over the three years of my new mindset I lost 35 pounds! I was a picture of health! I landed a new career in the world of Real Estate. Suit and Tie for me from now on. It was different world but I liked it. The money was a lot better as well. Oh and I was not being shot at lol.

Here I was starting my next life chapter. I started getting weird looks from other people in my firm as i spit in my bottle during meetings lol. My clients seemed disgusted by it as well. A coffee cup full of spit stayed on my desk! Real professional huh? I have never been one to care what others think but if I wanted to truly be a changed man it was time to quit.  There was one thing left that I needed to throw away! My Snuff! The thought of quitting gave me Anxiety attacks. Snuff had been my best friend through it all. What would I do without my snuff? It was time, My family had been riding me about quitting for years. My teeth were stained and spit cans all over the house and cars did not look good. More panic set in, I am now 42 years old I had been dipping 1.5 cans a day for 27 years. It was just part of my life.

Screw it! I quit cold turkey! I got this I told myself. Folks! It was and is the hardest thing I have ever done. My emotions were all over the place. I was pissed I quit! I made it though with the help of posting roll and seeing that i was not alone. KTC site snapped me out of my pity party and taught me that there is life after dip. I am very late postimg this HOF. I am on day 181 as I write this. Are my cravings gone? Nope, not completely but they are few and far between. Do i still miss it? Yup on occasion. We are addicts and will always be BUT once you quit YOU are in control not nicotine. For me it was all about not wanting something to control me and Snuff controlled me. I am 181 Days free from the Nicotine and life is still moving forward. If I can conquer this, nothing will stop me ever again!  I quit and did not die or end up in prison lol. I made it. I am here! I am now looking for that 365 day mark!

Quit on Folks! Stop killing yourself with all the poison setting in your lip for hours on end.  You can watch TV, Drive, Fish, Golf and Hunt etc etc without a Dip. I do and so can you.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Tlass

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  1. Love your inspiring story! I am only on Day 2, but stories like yours really lift me up!! Quit on Brother!! #letsbequitterz

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