2010 HOF Speeches

The End of the Beginning – Long Road To Freedom

KTC Logo SepiaMy arrival at the 100 day mark was as calm as the entire journey had been. Not that I am complaining ———- reading the postings daily gave me a real reason to be extremely thankful and I am. To the group, I would like to express my admiration and appreciation for your willingness to stay on task and complete the mission at hand. This is not an easy road to travel and some will hit bigger bumps than others. To those, I wish you the best and encourage you to not give up but fall back on the reason you came to this site in the beginning. We all wanted freedom and a changed way of life. No more hiding or playing roulette with the cancer can. All are seeking a way out and if my support or a kind word can help then that is what I would like to do.

RickD and TCope are two wonderful, long distance friends I have met along the way. I sincerely hope I can have the privilege and honor to meet more like you. From an old Airborne soldier — I bid you all a nic free day — today and forever.

Soldat / Larry S.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Soldat

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  1. Chewie, this is karlie june bug. For some reason the site wouldn’t let me continue texting and have signed out and signed back in but unable to get back on live chat. Ughhh please let the others know I didn’t just leave. I am really disappointed tht this has happened. I really wanted to chat with everyone and get acquainted with all thts chatting. I am praying tht it will allow me to get bk on. Me email is karla.harvey2010@icloud.com. I’m so discouraged as it says I’m only a guest and I filled out all the info I think and it tells me I’ve already been approved for the KTC site.

    1. Hi Karlie – your chat credentials and forum credentials are two different things. Feel free to jump back into chat at any time.

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