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The Sledge Hammer of Quitting

KTC Logo Black WhiteI’m going on 6 years of quits. Here is what I mean. On nov 1st 2011 I quit alcohol. I quit before it became a big problem and it was an absolutely great choice. The next spring, during lent, I quit soda. Now, anybody who thinks quitting soda is easy, you have another thing coming!!! sometime after that I decided to quit being such a food addict and started working out and eating much better. To date, I’m down about 65 lbs. I was down more but I decided to quit something else!! So, last October I found all of you awesome, reliable, serious,proud galoots and was welcomed in with open arms to quit the nic, and so I did! Two weeks into my quit I was driving around and TOTALLY out of the blue the sledgehammer of quitting hit me!! This freeking voice in my head said, and I quote (I seriously heard this) “you haven’t been this clean and in shape since you were 14 years old!” I had to pull over it hit me so hard. I cried a little. One half of my brain was ashamed as hell and pissed off at myself for not seeing the light earlier and the other half was proud as hell of myself!

Well, because of each and every one of you (dieselchic and tiswritten ?) the proud of myself side has grown quite bigger than the other side and I’m proud as hell to be with a group of people who truly care about each other!

The world needs more quitters like you guys!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Badger69

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