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Want ToSo today I am a quitter! What makes a quitter? They say quitting nicotine is one of the hardest substances to quit. I tried before and didn’t succeed past a few days so what makes this time different? Well let me give you a little insight into my quit.

I work in heavy industry, I work in a large Combined Cycle power plant more specifically. A few years back my company had a rash of injuries caused by human error and they went on a big safety stand-down and training session. They were teaching us how to analyze a job and figure out the error traps ahead of time. Some of it was a pain in the ass, but there was a line that one of the managers said that stuck with me, “It can’t be Have to it has to be Want to .” He meant for it to truly work you must want to do it and not do it because you Have to.

The same goes for being a quitter, it can’t be because you Have to, it has to be because you Want to ! Finally 166 days ago was my Want to time, not just a passing I Want to but I can’t now, but a serious I Want to do this. January 1st 2012 was my time.

So, how did I quit? I was 13 days into my quit when I stumbled upon KTC one night. I’m not even sure why I was looking for something like this other than to say I wanted to give my quit the “competitive edge”. I Want to do whatever it takes to quit. Looking back over the last 166 days there were some rough days, there were some days I wanted to leave KTC, there were some days I hated coming here and posting roll call. But I didn’t Have to be here, I Wanted to be here.

I am here and I am quit by being accountable to myself. I am quit by being accountable to others, I am quit by being supported by some really great people that know who they are. I am quit because I Want to , I am here on KTC even after making the Hall of Fame because I Want to .

KTC has done a lot more than help me quit nicotine, since finding KTC I have been eating healthier, I have joined a gym and typically work out 5 to 7 days a week, I’ve dropped 20 pounds, I hopped on my bicycle and rode the Tour of the Battenkill 62 mile bike ride and I have ran a 5k running race, something I had never done before. I have brothers here that help me quit nicotine and I have brothers here that help me with physical conditioning and endurance, I have brothers here that Want to help.

I may be a quitter but I have gained so much more from KTC because I Want to !

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Bigwhitebeast

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