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What An Amazing Journey

Cjasti avatarI was 15 and my parents weren’t home. I invited some of my friends and a couple of my cousins over to watch a hockey game and eat some pizza. 3 of the people over were avid chewers and I was still at the point in life when I thought wow, why would any do that.

The night went on and we enjoyed our hockey game and our pizza but the night had to draw to a close eventually. After the game was over my friends all left and I was getting ready for bed and then I realized that one of the friends I had over left their can. I texted them asking what they wanted me to do with the can and they responded with simply one word, “Enjoy”.

I thought to myself, here is the opportunity. You want to know why people do it, well you can find it and so it began. I remember my first dip vividly. I grabbed the can off the table, took a pouch…. (yes just a pouch) and stuck it in my lower gums. I then went downstairs and had the best shit of my life. The feeling I got when I took that first dip was, to be 100% honest, absolutely amazing. I had never felt a buzz like that before and I began to think, now this is why they do it.
Knowing of the issues that could be caused though, I didn’t try it again until a couple months later.

After that I had friends constantly around who were 18+ so I had my hookup. It never helped that I hung around what people like to call the Redneck/Hick crowd so they all used that damn Wacky Tobacky. I began to dip once or twice a week with some of them thinking hey, if I just do it once or twice a week I won’t have to worry about the issues of addiction down the road.

Well, I was wrong. 5 years later I found myself constantly worrying about everything. My throat hurts? Cancer. Cold sore? Cancer. Sickness? Cancer. I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I started looking around to see if there were any tools to help me out and that is when I came across KTC. I was about ¾ of the way through my drag racing season and I told myself the day the season is over you will join that forum, and you will post up day number 1.

So far, that decision was the best decision of my life. On October 12, 2015 I took my life back and quit letting big tobacco control me.

I began using the forum but not to it’s full ability. Instead of getting on, discussing different things, I was one of those post and ghost type of people but that didn’t last long. A few days into the quit I received a message from Folwmouth asking for my number so if I was interested, he could add me to our January group, group me. I gave him my number, was added to the group me and that is when this quit began to get put into high gear. I began talking with the other quitters and creating not just a quit acquaintance but friendships.

It was these friendships that pushed my quit to where I am now. Without the help of Mgraham21, Leon, Digitalkid, Wastepanel, and even CIKI, I would not be where I am at now.

I hope that one day I am able to be seen as the quitter that Waste is and I hope that I can continue to help out the new quitters coming into this crazy journey because it truly is one of the best decisions that any dipper can make.

Thank you to everyone who has influenced my quit and I will continue to push for more and more quit until the day I take my last breath. Quit on you amazing Quitters!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Cjasti

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