2018 HOF Speeches

100 DAYS for Bobby

Hall of Fame KTC 6Well I somehow made it to that wonderful goal of 100 days without dip or nicotine. You guys helped me believe I could and I did.

My dear Mom smoked and I grew up in Durham, NC. Tobacco town. I sadly got into cigs in 7th grade. Many years of cig smoking finally broke when my roommate in DC, who had been pitcher for U Miami baseball, said why hamburger when you can have filet mignon. IE Copenhagen. I tried and bingo I liked snuff and dropped cigs. Years went by and I ninja dipped all the way. Got married and had kids. Hit a lucky streak and made some career advancement. Good Years. Cope was there every step.

I have been healthy whole time but began to notice a slump in energy when I dipped. Maybe because i’m older but i didn’t like it. So the notion of quitting occurred to me. Internet search and the only place that appealed to me was KTC.ORG because you guys were dippers not doctors. BIG DIFF. I would only trust a dipper.

There is so much more I could write but won’t now. I asked for help and you guys gave it. Showed me how to post roll. And have ALWAYS been there when I needed. Thank You for patience and good cheer. I’ve needed that.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member bobby

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