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100 Days Is Nothing

Silver HOF Coin Logo 500x500Don’t get me wrong…. it’s an accomplishment, but I started to play with the numbers a bit as I thought about this HOF speech….

I’ll give myself a break and say that with my failed quits, the off days I didn’t dip, I’ll say I dipped 5 days a week. (and, it’s probably more like 6) 17 years. 52 weeks a year. 5 days a week. 260 days a year.

4,420 days with something in my mouth that could possibly kill me. I’m supposed to write a HOF speech after 100 days? ONE HUNDRED days, no dip. FOUR THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY TWO DAYS with dip.

I’ve quit for four months at a time before, and I’m approaching that time frame yet again. I STILL MISS DIPPING. I’m not going to lie. Some on here do not. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they’re lying to themselves. I liked dipping. I didn’t need to do it during work. I didn’t need to do it first thing in the morning. I dipped when I had yard work, when I had chores around the house. I dipped when drinking with the guys. Well, let’s just say I dipped enough to have a can every 3 days. That’s a can too many. Doesn’t matter that I didn’t dip as much as other addicts. I still increased my chances of getting cancer some day. I still wasted money on a product that is harmful to my body. I could go on with dip stories, how I spilled a cup on someone, how I witnessed someone take a drink from my dip beer bottle, (true story), etc. etc. Even with all this negative shit, I STILL WANT IT. I STILL MISS IT. If I had to golf this weekend, I’d wanting nothing more than a can of Kodiak in my bag.

I want whoever reads this and is trying to quit to get a little more of a reality check. IT IS FUCKING HARD. Nicotine addiction SUCKS, BUT go to ODT’s website, and LOOK WHAT THIS SHIT IS CAPABLE OF.
In spite of the danger, in spite of the fact I’ve saved over $200 in a little over 100 days, (which would be triple if I had a can a day habit.) in spite of the fact I know PHYSICALLY my addiction is gone… in spite of all of that. I STILL WANT TO DIP.

100 days is a nice accomplishment…. but it’s SHIT in comparison to the lifetime of abuse I put my mouth, gums, teeth, and body through.
I’m not trying to downplay the accomplishment. But, it’s going to be a fight for YEARS to come. Even in past quits, I never really thought I was done with it for good. This time, I really do. I don’t want my new son to pick up this nasty habit. I want to be around when he’s older. I also know I have this site for support, and no way could have I come this far without support.
I wanna thank everyone on here for the phone calls, text messages, and support, especially Chewie who’s been on my ass from day one.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member TrojanScott

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