2012 HOF Speeches

35lbs and 100 Days of Hell

Tdale30 avatarI have been dipping Copenhagen snuff for 28 years now and loved the shit so much my son is named after it. My choice in work has required me to work shift for the last 16 years where I have dipped for 12-14 hour solid. Copenhagen is (WAS) my life all in a little can of cancer. I had been pondering quitting due to my kids asking every night to please stop. My wife 30 years of age was diagnosed with 4 stage colon cancer, 4 major surgery’s, and 4 nine month session of chemo later doing everything in her power to stay alive watches every little pinch that goes in my mouth. Every time I opened the can you could see the disappointment in their eyes. Still my reply was I will quit someday… someday was a way to avoid the topic and a coward’s way of saying I cannot quit… someday I could to have 4 stage cancer and be fighting for my life… someday could be tomorrow or hell today. Who will keep my kids because someday was and will never be now. I was visiting with a friend Suds who was telling me about KTC and how he had quit and the support was great… My thoughts were bull shit!!! A website to help people stop dipping how does that work it’s not a patch and who would ever know if I failed ?? So I checked it out and signed up… 35lbs and 100 days later here I set wondering how I get through the day without the NIC BITCH. It is a constant battle that I fight ever day. Some days are good and some are fucking horrible but I made 100 and never thought I would see 2. I was not scared to fail because there was only one person that knew me on the site and I could tell him it is to hard to quit. Then after a week of support and my pledge to the wreckin’ crew I could not let them down… So what if I failed could I lie. Yes I could.. But I would only be lying to myself and what good would that be. I would like to thank ever person who helped me through this process. Without the support of all the bad ass quitters on this website I would still be saying SOMEDAY… Today I say “QLF”. See you in 100 more days !!! So If I can quit with everything going on in my life so can you…
Tdale30— Day 100 and still QLF.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Tdale30

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