2011 HOF Speeches

Mucho Gracias!

Larry Drummer avatarI quit dipping 117 days ago! Kill The Can has been the essential tool in doing so. When I first found this site, I went into the chat room. Thought it would be interesting to see what a group of men and women had to ‘chat’ about. I made a screen name of Larry Drummer because it was the first thing that popped into my head. My name is Bryan, I haven’t played my drums in over 5 years.

Mike A, Hootie, and Gigemags were three that I remember in chat that night. Why these total strangers were eager to drop their topic and help me out in doing something called ‘posting roll’ was beyond me. But I wanted the help, I needed the help. I wanted to quit for good this time. Gigemags actually posted my day 1 for me because I couldn’t get registered. Mike A was persistent in keeping me on-line for a few more minutes until I could get registered. Hootie actually got me registered and created my account. I was so close to saying ‘fuck it, I’ll come back and try tomorrow’…maybe. You 3 planted my first foot on this road, and for that I truely thank you.

I would eventually grow to spend a good deal of time in Chat room meeting other quitters. Growing relationships/accountability with… so when I posted roll every morning, I would be doing so for these friends. strangers fellow quitters. There are many I want to thank for being there, I know I’m going to miss some names, but what the hell…GMANN, FLORIDALUKE, SCOWICK, SHORTROUND, AMGDENNY, RYAN, GATOR, THOR, ROCKETMAN, GEORGIADUDE, BIGBAMADAN, SAMCAT, SCM, COPEHATER, AMERICAN NURSE. Thank you all for being present in Chat to shoot the shit and offer support. I will quit with you guys anytime. Especially today, and it’s looking pretty good for tomorrow! GMANN and Denny, you two quit w/ me damn near everyday! Thank you!

May 2011 Quit Group is badass . Big shots to J2B for keeping everybody in the loop, and keeping it fresh. Ninereasons is my hero too. Anything that man writes down is methodical and genious. SDG, I pray for you and your family, you are an inspiration to young quitters. Razz, Magnum9, 30, NOMOSKO, TNMOCK, all seem like awesome stand-up dudes. And everybody else in May, thanks for being there to quit with.

The Veterans are the backbone of KTC and why this method of quitting is successful. Thanks to Skoal Monster, Mule21, Loot, Greg5280, READY, TCOPE, and the other guys that have been quitting for years, and continue to pop into May and post support, knowledge, etc.

And most importantly, a big THANK YOU to Chewie and his crew of founders who developed this whole system of Quitology. I doubted it 117 days ago. I’m a believer today!

Thank you all of KTC for helping me get my life and priorities back in order!


Larry Drummer

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Larry Drummer

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