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A Tale of Two Chats ChatA while back we had an issue with our live quitter chat. The server that our chat sat on seemed to be down. I’m not personally a big chat user these days but I know there’s a slew of people who are in there all day every day talking, bullshitting and waiting for a new quitter to wander in looking for some help. When that happens all the joking around stops and the supports pours in for that new person looking for help or looking to kick the tires of KTC.

In any case…

For the last week or so we’ve had a temporary chat in place. As of this afternoon, the old chat has returned. To visit chat goto and get to chatting. If you enjoyed the chat we had in the interim, that’s still available as well (built on the GroupMe platform). It can be found here. We have no plans of shutting this version of chat down (It’s much better on a mobile platform in my humble opinion).

We hope both chats are stable for the foreseeable future but if not please know that we are committed to having a live chat feature available for all quitters.

See you in chat!

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