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Black Buffalo Wintergreen Pouches Review

Black Buffalo Wintergreen Pouches Product ShotBack today with a product review for Black Buffalo Wintergreen Pouches – 100% Ritual

What does “100% Ritual” mean? Well… simply this. ZERO nicotine and ZERO tobacco.

PLEASE NOTE: This review ONLY pertains to the NICOTINE FREE (100% Ritual) version of these products.  I have not, and will not try the versions of this product that contain nicotine. 

When it comes to tobacco alternatives I’ve found there are two schools of thought. Some people are looking for a product that allows them to continue the act of dipping but they don’t want something too close to their former product. Other people are looking for something that’s JUST like their former product. And if you were a wintergreen pouch user, THESE ARE FOR YOU. These may be the closest thing to real wintergreen pouches I’ve ever sampled.

Black Buffalo Wintergreen Pouches – 100% Ritual

As I’ve said in previous Black Buffalo reviews, there’s just something different here. As soon as I popped them in I legit feel like I’m sucking on a Skoal Bandit. Not sure if it’s the smell, the texture of the pouch or what but DAMN do these feel like the real thing – to the point where I double and triple checked to ensure that I had a nic free version of the pouch.

I’ll admit… that may not be the best thing for some quitters. As I said, there are some people that aren’t looking for something that’s really close to the real thing. But for those that are, these are spot on. Black Buffalo Wintergreen Pouches come in a round, plastic can with a super high quality tin lid (a big upgrade from the first time I reviewed BB products. Still no ingredients listed on the can (they can be found on the website) and they have added a ‘best by’ date on the bottom which I really appreciate.

Black Buffalo Ingredients 2

As I said before, the pouches themselves are the same size, consistency and ‘moistness’ as a Skoal Bandit. The pouch material itself is nice and soft and doesn’t cause any gum irritation.

This would be a great sub for someone looking to copy Skoal Wintergeen Bandits. Ironically that’s the first dip I ever had back in 1990 at my first high school football game that was given to me by a guy who would end up being a quitter at KTC years later. Talk about full circle!

Bottom line… these are a STRONG recommend if you’re looking for a wintergreen pouch product that’s true to life.

Black Buffalo Zero Nicotine Zero Tobacco Pouches are available on their website at They come in a two pack or a five pack and you an subscribe to have them re-delivered every 15 or 30 days.

Special thanks to the folks at Black Buffalo for providing me samples to try and review. In addition to their website, you can also find them on social at Facebook, Twitter X or Instagram. Give them a like and a follow and tell em sent you!

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Have you tried Black Buffalo Wintergreen Pouches?  Leave us a comment with your thoughts below!

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1 month ago

Great review! I agree that BB has certainly nailed the smell and feel when compared to other wintergreen nicotine pouches. They also have a long cut, pouchless, version of this that is also a pretty good imposter.

Thank you for sharing the review!

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