2011 HOF Speeches

Brotherhood By 30

30yrAddict avatarMy name is Dale and I am a failure.

I want to quit but can’t.

I hide from my family to get my fix

The fear of cancer consumes me, but it is not enough to get me to quit.

I think about how guilty I will feel if my family has to be put through the misery of watching me die, it is still not enough to make me quit.

I have acid reflux, receding gums and hypertension, but it is still not enough to make me quit.

I hate the idea that one of my children might learn this addiction from me, but it is not enough to make me quit.

I am too weak to quit

My name is Dale, I’m on day 1, looking forward to succeeding this time, not too confident in me.
Larry- either quit or don’t. You found us- must be you want to quit! You can do this
Ready – welcome -you got this!
J2b – I’ll watch out for you – here’s my number
Magnum – You better post, or I’ll hunt you down!
Ninereasons – fight back, I’m proud to be quit with you.
HKS – We’re brothers.
ODAAT, SDG, BBS, HOOTIE and all my May brothers-Welcome Dale!
The Missing Peace – I’ll post support for you every day.
Scowick – keep up the good work
Show, Redtrain, Loot, Smokeyg, NOLAQ, Mule…… – great job!
Lazy Trader – I’ll quit with you.
Rebel, Cornwallace, Rocketman, Romandog, Husker, Boiler, Miles (FU30),…,….,….., – quit with 30

My name is Dale- I am not a failure. I am a quitter. 102 days in a row. And counting.

To those of you just starting out : Post Roll- first thing in your day, honor your promise, support your brothers and sisters, watch out over them, exchange numbers – It will make all of the difference in your quit.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member 30yrAddict

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