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Chewie’s Hall of Fame Creed

Apollo CreedI ran across a post on the official QuitNet Facebook page asking about quit mantras.  It’s been a while since I thought about it, but I realized that I did in fact have a mantra that got me through quite a few difficult times during my quit.  I managed to hunt it down and I wanted to share it here.  Re-reading these words that I wrote so many years ago I realize that even though I’ve not thought about it in a while, the words still hold true today.  This, along with my Decision To Quit Dipping, is what it’s all about for me.

Thanks to QuitNet for making me remember this…  After all, we’re all just $5 and a bad decision away from our addiction.

Chewie’s Hall of Fame Creed

I promise to remember the first 2 weeks of my quit…
I promise to remember WHY I quit in the first place…
I promise to take things a day at a time…
I promise to recognize little successes…
I promise to post roll on a regular basis…
I promise to recognize those before me…
I promise to recognize that I have great friends on…
I promise to REMEMBER why those people are my friend and what brought us together…
I promise to have a way to get a hold of a brother and a way for others to get ahold of me (email, cell phone, etc.)

I promise that I won’t cave without getting permission from a quit brother…
I promise to recognize that there will always be a reason NOT to dip…
I promise to be there for a brother in need…

I promise that I won’t forget all I’ve gone through to get to where I am today.

Yes… the picture is Apollo Creed from the Rocky franchise.  Cause let’s face it… In addition to nice little pun, Carl Weathers is pretty damn cool.

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11 years ago

Thanks, Chewie. Makes it real.

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