Guests and Visitors PLEASE Read! An Open Invitation

You're InvitedHello,
This is an open invitation to you, our guest, to join us. We don’t know “who” you are, but we see your numbers on the bottom of the page every day and we know your story!

Sometime back, could be a year, could be 50 years, you got handed a tin of crap and you put a “pinch between your cheek and gum for real tobacco pleasure” and you were hooked. It was advertised as a “Safe Alternative to Cigarettes”. Pardon my french…bullshit! For years you have had a habit that is just as deadly as smoking, just as addictive as heroin, and just as hard to kick as cocaine!

You have tried many many times to quit, only to fall victim to it time after time. There have been some times where you have just told yourself to quit quitting and be a slave to the damn little weed for the rest of your life.

Am I ringing ANY bells? Yes I am and let me tell you how I know I am! I was a slave to the “damn little weed” for well over 30 years. During those 30 years, if I wasn’t dipping or chewing, I was thinking about it! That is until one day I got pissed off and decided that enough was enough.

When I finally had my fill, I started “Googling”. I typed in “stop chewing” and I ran across this site. What got my attention here versus other sites was they said to put the can down NOW! Every other site I had looked at said to plan your quit. Well I don’t know about you…but I know plans can change, because I changed my quit plans plenty of times! NOW sounded pretty interesting. NOW sounded immediate, and I desperately NEEDED that!

Another thing that intrigued me about this site was “Accountability”. They promised that I would be held accountable to my “quit group” (whatever that is).

After doing a BUNCH of reading over the next couple of days…I joined.

It was easy.

I was directed to a quit group that had other people who had quit about the same time I did. The group you belong in correlates to when you will be 100 days quit. For example, I joined July 19 2006 and I am in the Oct 2006 quit group.

Joining was the best thing I have EVER done for my quit!! Hands down, no doubt, no B.S. best thing!!! The group welcomed me with open arms and they damn sure held me accountable. But a couple of things really amazed me…first and foremost was the support from other quitters and from the “veterans”. You type in that you are having a rough time and no matter what is going on with the board…everything stops and help comes flying in from all directions. AMAZING!!

Next to amaze me…the friendships that have been formed. There is not one person on any of the boards that will not walk through fire to help a quitter get quit and stay quit! Not one! Folks are exchanging phone numbers…having get togethers…going to ball games…you get the idea.

We truly are FAMILY!

Quitting is not easy! As a matter of FACT…quitting is damned hard! But as hard as it is…it is the best thing you will ever do for yourself in your life. And it just might save your life.

So I guess this invitation is not just to join this band of miscreants who have kicked the weed to the curb….but it is more about inviting you to save your own LIFE!!

When you sign up…if you need help… PM a mod or an admin. We guarantee we’ll will do our best to help…and if my our isn’t good enough, we’ll call in reinforcements!

PLEASE join us!,
Stop lurking and sign up!
Help is a signup away!!

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6 years ago

I have been tobacco free for 8 days. Can a day for sixteen years. Smoked before that so I have been a slave to nicotene most of my life. Has been very hard but I just keep thinking about all the great things about quitting. I am in the construction industry and from West Virginia so everyone around me dips! Reading posts about others going through the same thing as me really helps.

10 years ago

I’m done with it. I’ve been doing it for 24 years at a can a day. It interferes with my daily life. It’s costly. It’s dangerous. I is a nasty habit.
It isn’t just costly in terms of tobacco price. Our company’s insurance program penalizes tobacco users to the tune of 36.00/pay period (every 2 weeks). This makes a 3.00/can jump to 5.57. I can’t afford to pay 5.57/day for something that is damaging me and making me a slave. I’m done.I poured my last can in the trash this morning and I’m craving it badly, but I’ll just deal with it.

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