Roll Call – Why We Do It

Roll Call At KillTheCan.orgRoll call is the most important thing you will do here. That one simple act will be what makes this quit different than any other attempt. Roll call, quite simply, is a promise to your brothers that you will be Nicotine Free for that day.

We require a simple “one day at a time” philosophy. Make roll call, concentrate on today and today only. We’ll work through the troubles of today with you. We’ll worry about tomorrow when it gets here.

Roll call will build accountability with your brothers. You know that the man next to you in line is going through or has dealt with the exact same things you are. Lean on the knowledge of those who have walked that road. Develop relationships with them and especially the guys in your home group. These people will save your life if you let them.

If you follow this simple advice you’ll be amazed. You have lied to, cheated on, and stole time from every single person you hold dear. You take roll call seriously, and you will find that total strangers will give your quit more accountability than any “real” person in your world.

If you want to quit, deep down, really want to quit… roll call is the cornerstone you will build your quit house on. Be loyal to yourself, your group, and ultimately to as a whole and you shall have the freedom you desire. Guaranteed.

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Ryan Patterson
Ryan Patterson
1 month ago

Hello my name is Ryan and I’m new at quitting. Trying hard but facing some challenges. Trying to learn more ways to go about this it’s ruining my personal life and letting people down loved ones around me never thought I’d struggle this bad with dip. Afraid I’ll fail as well and loose everything or mostly the ones I love.

Kazim Sharif
Kazim Sharif
4 years ago

where is roll call option

Justin U
Justin U
6 years ago

Day 8 cold turkey. Only chewed for ~2 years, so people posting about lifetime use have inspired me. Keep strong. That poison isn’t worth OUR time, money, or health.

8 years ago

Day 9 and i promiss to be nic free today

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