Custom Jersey – Now Taking Pre-Orders!

Chewie In His Custom Made KTC JerseyI had an idea a few years ago for a hockey jersey.  I tend to be a walking billboard for KTC and I was looking for something “special” to wear to a KTC get together.  I called a few places in the Cleveland area to see if my idea could be made a reality and I was never happy with either the pricing or the product itself.

Fast forward two years and fate smiled on me.  I was chatting with forum member rkymtnman and learned he’d started a business making custom make lacrosse and hockey jerseys.  BINGO!  I asked him if he could do what I was thinking and he absolutely knocked it out of the park!  I wore my jersey to the 2013 Pennsylvania Meet and to no surprise it was a huge hit.  I have to say I absolutely LOVE my jersey.  And now you can too…

I’m thrilled to announce that we’re now taking pre-orders for your very own Custom Brotherhood Jersey through October 1st, 2013.

Order will be fulfilled and shipped in early October.  Talk about an awesome Christmas present!

Special thanks to rkymtnman for making this a reality.  You guys are going to love these jerseys!

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1 year ago

Hey Chewie are these jerseys still avalible in 2022?

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