2014 HOF Speeches

Day 100. Hunde, Hundo. HOF. The Hall. First Floor

Thewolfe avatarBig deal.

Just another day.

I estimate I dipped for 19 years. That is 6935 days. I’ve been quit for 100 which is 1.44% of the time I dipped.

Day 101 will be just the same as day 1. Promise to quit for today. Post roll and honor my word. Won’t suck as much, however. Perhaps help a quit brother or sister along the way if I can.

100 certainly is not sufficient penance for 6935 days of poisoning and abusing my body. To me, this day is only a sign-post along the road marking where I have been. The road does not end. 100 is not a destination. There will never be a day when the NIC bitch can no longer sink her addiction claws in to me.

Sadly not everyone will make their HOF, at least this time around. I think, as a group, we did the best we could to keep dudes on track, posting daily roll and away from the tin. We did our jobs. Only the individual can make him or her self quit and stay quit. We must resolve to save our own lives, but with a little coaching on the side – and that is what KTC is all about.

That being said: A heartfelt thank you to the founding fathers & sisters of KTC, the quit-vets and especially the July DD Destroyers 2014 quit group. I would not be able to claim 100 sequential quits without the Koolaid distilled here nor without the support from my July brotherhood of quitters. The vets who made first contact in my intro thread put me on the path I wish a special thanks. An extra thanks to JayDubya and the other vets who showed up a few months ago and taught July how to be accountable to each other and whipped July in to shape.

Wolfe says, loot-like, “Quit Hard, Quit Early, Quit Often!. Wolfe thinks posting roll is the single most important thing he has to do every-dammed-day, along with honoring his word, watching our for his quit brothers (he had no sisters in July, except maybe {redacted}) and protecting his quit from now until the end of time.”

Today I truly learned what “protect your quit” means. Saw a 500+ days “vet” had caved. There is no cure to nicotine addiction. We must remain Semper Vigilatus (That means be always vigilant Grady)

I think I’m gonna quit tomorrow.. You want to join me?


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Thewolfe

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