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Don’t Just Post Roll – Remembering The Early Days

Set Your Goals High QuoteDo you remember the early days when you posted roll and a veteran said they quit with you today? Do you remember saying “so that’s what they meant by brotherhood, someone is looking out for me.” That feeling should be remembered daily so you know someone has your back, and it should trigger you to look when you post roll. There are some people who post roll and make a comment, like talking to someone in the room with you. Do you ignore the actual people in a room when you talk to them?

I say this because at the bottom of the main page everyday is upcoming calendar events for the next 7 days. We should all take 30 seconds and look down and see who is on that list, because while hitting the hall is a big deal, so are yearly milestones. It bothers me to see a group post roll with a veteran who just hit a yearly milestone and no one notices. That is a big deal and every quitter who has a milestone like that should get noticed.

We would all benefit from remembering when a vet quit with us on day 9, think about how much cooler that feeling is at 3 years. That is what brotherhood is, always having another quitters back, be it 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, or even 3 years.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member klark

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