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Any Project Require Tools, Including Quitting Dip

KTC ToolsEach of us use tools every day. For some of us it is a hammer, for others it is a computer, but we use those tools to help us complete a task. Without those tools, our tasks, while still doable, would be more difficult.

Here at KillTheCan.org we have tools to help you quit. Not saying you can’t quit without these tools, but it is easier if they are there. A partial list of the tools you have available to you…

  1. Your Word: is your first and most important tool. Roll call is your promise to me and everyone else here to not use tobacco (in any form) for today. We only ask you to promise for today, but we expect you to do it every day. My advice to you would be to post roll call before leaving the house each day, giving you the leg up on the bitch for that day.
  2. Your Brothers: These are the people going through this hell with you. Lean on each other. Exchange numbers. Get together if geography allows it. You will form bonds here that will last a lifetime if you use this tool.
  3. Those who have gone before: Still brothers, but brothers who have a general idea of what is happening because we have been there before. Utilize much like the previous item. Numbers, get together. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions of us. We are here to help.
  4. Your Plan: At one time or another each of us finds ourselves in a position where the desire to dip seems stronger than the desire to quit. This is where your plan comes into play. Here is my plan
    • Call my kids. Tell them that I am thinking about dipping again and I need their permission to resume killing myself.
    • Call every one of my brothers that I have numbers for (around 40) and ask for their permission to cave.
  5. Message board / phone calls / chat: Questions, blowing off steam, rants, raves, whatever. This place can help. Just use what we have to offer.

Stay close, hang tough and we can get this together.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member WildWildBil

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