2014 HOF Speeches

28 Years In The Making – KickU2Sleep’s HOF

KTC Questions and AnswersSitting at day 118, I realize that it’s taken me 28 years to grow the fuck up…After several failed attempts, i finally found a way to Kick the Nic Bitch to sleep and it was with KTC, the Sept Sultans and a special shout out to E&C’s dad. To the Sultan’s, the fear of being flamed for quitting kept me going and to E&C’s Dad for keeping in constant contact throughout the early days. To those that try and fail, all I can say is keep trying, use the valuable resources available at KTC and accept the help from those that have been where you are sitting right now. The only drawback to quitting is the copious amount of weight I’ve packed on in 118 days, but I guess it’s better to be fat, alive and with a somewhat attractive face, than the other options. I thank each and every one of you guys for helping me find my balls.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member KickU2Sleep

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