Whitetail Smokeless ZERO Nicotine Review

Whitetail Smokeless

Whitetail Smokeless is a a team of small town Wisconsin dippers who have spent nearly two years perfecting what they feel is the worlds finest tobacco-free dip. They went through an extensive process to replicates the taste, texture, burn and packability of traditional dip. Whitetail currently offers the following flavors: Wintergreen, Mint, … Continue reading

Fully Loaded Chew Bullseye Review

Fully Loaded Chew

Sitting down tonight to do a long overdue review. Fully Loaded Chew was developed right down the road from me in Akron, Ohio by former dippers with a goal: “a tobacco-free chew that doesn’t suck”. (Their words… not mine). Fully Loaded Chew currently offers four flavors: Wintergreen, Mint, Cherry and Classic. … Continue reading

Triumph Chew Pouches Review

Triumph Chew Pouches

Back again today with a review of a new product on the market from Triumph Chew. They’ve recently released Triumph Chew Pouches in the same four flavors as their non-pouch products: Wintergreen, Mint, Cinnamon and Classic. As with their non-pouch products, these pouches come in three different “strengths” including Zero (non-nicotine), … Continue reading

Elicit Herbal Chew – Review by JAYP

Elicit Herbal Chew

I love many of the alternative herbal chews on the market these days. One I have been wanting to talk about for a while is this Elicit brand. Again, I only try the zero strength ones, no nicotine, no tobacco (I am thru with that stuff, today is day 69 … Continue reading

Triumph Herbal Chew – Review By JAYP

Mint Triumph Chew

I just wanted to put my opinion out here on Triumph Herbal Chew, from Montrose, CO. I chewed Skoal Wintergreen Long Cut for about 20 of the 25 years I dipped. I was very grateful I found this website that introduced me a lot of great alternatives to tobacco. Triumph … Continue reading

Triumph Chew Review – Tobacco Free Herbal Chew

Triumph Chew

There are some GREAT tools available for folks looking to quit dipping these days.  I’m happy to announce another new player to the smokeless alternative / fake dip market known as Triumph Chew – www.triumphchew.com.  Triumph currently offers 4 flavors including Wintergreen, Mint, Cinnamon and Classic.  They also 3 different “strengths” … Continue reading

Chili-Lime – New Flavor From Elicit Herbal Chew

Chili-Lime Elicit Herbal Chew

Back in July of last year, I reviewed a new player in the smokeless alternative market called Elicit Herbal Chew.  They’ve got some great flavors and do a nice job of providing an alternative that is very close to real tobacco.  Elicit has expanded their product offering with a new flavor! … Continue reading

Elicit Herbal Chew Review

Elicit Herbal Chew

I’m always on the lookout for another tool in the arsenal of someone looking to quit dipping.  Last month, I received 2 inquiries in the span of a couple of hours asking me if I’d tried / heard of Elicit Herbal Chew.  Time for another review! Elicit Herbal Chew – … Continue reading

A Letter To The CDC

CDC logo

I received an email from a user the other day inquiring about nicotine levels in Skoal Xtra.  After doing some Googling of my own, I found out that it’s very difficult to find specific information.  I told the user that I’d do some additional research for and get back to … Continue reading