Explaining ‘The Funk’ Part 2

We Got The FunkWhether you know it or not you’ve been using the site for exactly what it’s intended. You’re talking… you’re bitching… but most importantly, you’re quitting.

Some people have come and gone… They will hopefully get quit in their own due time. Remember, we always tell people that they have to quit for themselves and no one else. But seeing failure has strengthened YOUR resolve. You’ve banded together to become a stronger unit… a cohesive unit if you will (don’t get any ideas… the name’s already taken 😉 )

I wish I could archive the last day and a half in this group… It’s a PERFECT example of how this site works. You’re not all chummy chummy, but you’re WORKING TOGETHER to get and stay quit. You’re all between 40 and 70 days quit by this point. You’ve made it past the worst physical withdrawal and you’re getting fucking bored with quitting.

I’m here to tell you… this is COMPLETELY NORMAL!!! We (oct 06) did the same damn thing. There wasn’t any serious talks about caving, but it was amazing how the talks about family, fun and friends returned to talk about cope, kodiak and quitting right around this time in our quits. — it’s a natural progression of a quit group — congratulations!

As a group, your next big hurdle is going to be the “funk” that hits around the 80’s. Some of you may be experiencing this at this point… you’re bored… you’re sick and fucking tired of quitting. Not that you want to cave perse, but you’re sick and fucking tired of focusing on dip all day every day… don’t worry. You WILL GET THROUGH THIS.

Many of you guys know me and I think it’s fair to say that I’ve never led you astray. I consider myself one of the most addicted people on this board (at least I was) when it comes to the habit of dipping. I still struggle with situations where I always had a dip in. But I’m making progress and that’s the only thing I’m concerned with these days.

Someone earlier had made mention of the importance of the hall. It’s a NUMBER… It’s one number in a long line of numbers. Now I know that it’s easy for me to say that cause I’m already in, but I felt this way before I hit 100. You need to realize what you’ve done ALREADY!!!… You’ve broken an addiction that (if you’re like me) lasted multiple decades!!! NEVER underestimate the power and importance of one day off dip. The ONLY day that’s any more important than any other is Day 1. That’s the beginning of a journey that has no end. Take comfort in that.

I’ve written a HOF creed that I refer to quite often… It talks about remembering the first two weeks of my quit. That’s what “embracing the suck” is all about for me. I still don’t have my head around the concept of “forever”… but i can tell you one thing… I’m NEVER going through those first 2 weeks again. And here’s the beautiful thing… you don’t have to either… as long as you don’t cave.

I’m rambling at this point so I’ll leave you with this. Don’t be afraid to reach out even late in your quit… don’t be afraid to call a brother for help. There’s no shame in saying “I’m having a bad day… help me through this.” Don’t be afraid to call chewie even if we’ve never talked (pm me and my digits are yours). A quote from my HOF speech says it all

“Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” — Don’t be afraid to get help.

Bottom line is this… You’re doing AWESOME… I’m proud of you.

I can’t wait to see each and every one of you in the hall. See you soon.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member chewie

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  1. Day 11 here. Visited this site some time ago, remembered the 90 day breakdown, wanted to refer back as the headaches and sleep deprivation are real. But never chewing again–11 days in the books, too far to turn around now. Thanks for the support-

  2. Wish I’d found this site sooner. I’m on day 45. Had some MAJOR anxiety the past week about everything. Hope I don’t go through that again around day 70. That was Hell.

  3. Im in 5th day , has become irresistible, but your article have made me confident that i will finally be able to quit dipping forever.

  4. Chewie, I like your article but think you need to change your name to something else cuase it reminds me of chew and dipping. Why did you choose Chewie…it’s funny ha ha ha…I get it. or is that your real name. I once knew a person that went to WMU and his real name was chewie and he did not chew. Cheers to Quit!

    1. Hey man – Chewie has been my nickname since college, long before I was a quitter. As you can imagine I was always chewing, I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I had a big ol beard that reminded my friends of Chewbacca… hence Chewie 😉

  5. Chewed for almost ten years, my last dip was march 30th havent had one since. Starting to miss it though, like a friend that moved away or something its kinda weird what you get attached to. Appreciate your articles though they help a ton.

  6. I chewed for 30 years, got cancer, quit cold turkey 10 months ago. I beat cancer but cant beat my urges for a fat juicy chew. I feel depressed and want my happiness back. I hope someday my urges for chew will go away. I don’t know though.

    1. Yeah, pretty much they wont go away for quite some time from what I hear. But they will become manageable…. That’s the point of why chew is so insidious.. you are always going to have to deal with no chew in some form or another. I’m 10 days in to my quit and my triggers are a pain in the ass to deal with HOWEVER, I notice that the cravings are there but each day a little more manageable and I feel healthier every day I grab without chew. Right now I miss it so much. But hey, I miss my health too! So that helps me fight.

  7. I found this cowboy coffee chew it’s honey coffee creamer sugar mixed in a dip can it actually helps fill the void in driving without dip watching the game going to kids baseball game I’m at day 6 all over again if you are using losenge they make herbal wintergreen put the nicotine replacement in the herbal wintergreen or flavor of your choice helps also just make sure you are going down it the cowboy coffee chew in silver can is the best I have found and gives you energy the herbal gives you that first time you dipped burn but all in all they help fill the mouth having to have a dip in it and then there is grinds all this is on Amazon type in coffee chew or cowboy coffee chew or grinds grinds is ok pouches weird flavored but have b vitamins and 1/4 cup coffee per pouch good luck keep going need help email me Chris511.cj@icloud.com

  8. Just made it to day 5. Trying to watch sports without a chew is just not the same! It’s almost like chew made normal “boring” things seem exciting. Mind games are really getting me. Hang in there everyone! We’re in this together.

    1. Good luck man I’m on day 6 thought the bad was by but I keep having irritable spikes but the coffee dip is helping chill me out

  9. On day 18. The first few days were horrible. Now thoughts keep popping into my head like the little devil on your shoulder telling you to have a dip. I miss it so much still. You don’t realize how much chewing becomes a part of you. I come back to this site daily for strength to stay a quitter.

    1. Good job Tim! I’m day 10 and feeling so similar. I keep telling my wife who doesn’t understand… “Life just sucks right now” lol… which isn’t true. Quitting sucks… Life is getting better every day. I know it sucks to quit, but it doesn’t suck at all in the least becoming stronger, healthier, better breath, and more involved with the family and friend thing. I am amazed at how nice it is to sleep in instead of waking up early to leave the house so I could grab coffee and chew (I never used to dip around the house). But good on ya for 18 days! I’ll get there.

  10. Hanging. Thanks Chewie. Kicked cigarettes years ago and didnot have these issues. wife says skoal wintergreen should be against the law. This website is helping me. Thanks again.

  11. I’m on day 3 and man I know what you guys are talking about with the anger. I feel like crap and like a junkie, bu this is my 3rd time trying to quit and I’m determended to kick the can

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