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Flip the Switch

Flip the SwitchIt took me 24 years to flip it, so how can I celebrate 100 days? You guys and gals probably know most of my story; real bad addict, can a day, 3-or-4 packs of smokes on top of the Cope. Nicotine ruled my life until I flipped the switch and braced for the misery.

When I chose a quit date I started researching what symptoms I might encounter and found this website but it still took me 4 days to waller around in the fog before I posted in November 2010 with the Shitbags. What we have with KillTheCan.org is a recipe for quit – the biggest illustrated road map for freedom broken down into little chunks, kind of like my turds the first few weeks of being here.

Imagine if you didn’t have a brother on this site telling you, “that you wouldn’t be constipated forever”, or how temporary a particular physical calamity or state of mind was. There is something here you can’t bottle.

100 days does mean something in the fact that we raised 10,000 dollars for people living with a developmental disability. There are a lot of deservant men and women that will profit from our milestone as brothers and sisters, and I am very fortunate to have had that incentive and support from all of you.

As for November – We shore up our commitment every morning with a fine bunch of gentlemen quitters. Our bunker is fortified with comradery and integrity. And for the Vets – keep on paving the way for all.

Who do you thank…well there is that one Goat!
God Bless – QUIT ON,
Tre’, aka – Spurbow 114

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Spurbow

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