2016 HOF Speeches

Gone Cruising HOF

Gone Cruising HOF100 days is just the start of the next 100 days and so on!

I am proud to be quit and with the help of my quit brothers and everyone else who has reached out to me on this site. I consider all of you my real brothers in life. Worktowin, Wepdoc, Steelcowboy, OKCGuy, Reateasy118, Nimrod, DDWEIRICK, Pab, Okie Hunter, Sir Nope, Mcarmo, Chick Dip, Leeron, superman, Crawfish, 3alto, rokbanned, Bretless, Zeno, Sage, and to all of those I may have left out, I can’t thank you enough for all of your support over the past 100 days. I have a long ways to go being that I used nicotine for 10,960 days and the numbers are heavily favored being on nicotine, but I will prevail with the help from KTC and it’s members.

I know I will still have some good days and bad, some good weeks and bad, but I know they will all get better & better as each day passes. I do know for a fact that I will never touch nicotine ever again. If you would like to know why go read through my intro!!! I will never go through that again!!!

I’ve been through many challenges and issues through my 1st 100 days: high blood pressure/low blood pressure, anxiety, depression, on RX Meds/off RX Meds, deaths in the family, diagnosed then un-diagnosed with bone marrow cancer, stress at work, changed jobs, watching my wife be so brave and tough along with being supportive, crying on my wife’s shoulders, sleepless nights, hypnic jerks, hot flashes, nausea, adrenaline rushes, loss of appetite, watching my mother cry with my wife as they just didn’t know how to be supportive anymore (they just didn’t know what to do to make me better), the fog, the suck, all of this to repeat itself over and over again…….but it’s getting a lot better. I don’t expect myself to be cured or healed within 100 days, but I know what to expect going forward and I know where to turn for help and support (KTC and my brothers)

With them and this site, I can achieve anything, and remain quit as long as I continue to surrender myself to my addiction, accept it and live with it.

I know this is short, but my M.E.N.T.A.L. Brothers before me all summed it up in their HOF speeches. I am proud to be quit with them….ODAAT!!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Gone Cruising

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