Happy New Year Quitters!

Happy New Year 2010Just wanted to thank everyone out there for adding to a very successful year at KillTheCan.org.

As of today the forum has 4,845 members with 592,400 posts – that’s a LOT of quitting!

During 2009 we’ve made some great strides:

  • We’ve added this blog
  • We’ve upgraded to a new chat module
  • We’ve met and supported one another through the worst recession since the Great Depression
  • We’ve stayed quit

If you haven’t yet been able to make your decision to quit dipping I’d like to let you know that when you’re ready, KillTheCan.org will be here waiting for you to help you along the way.  I can’t say that it will be an easy process, but I can tell you that it is totally worth all the pain and suffering that you will go through to regain your freedom.

I’m very excited about the upcoming year for KillTheCan.org.  There are some great things on the horizon and I’d like to thank you once again for being a part of it.

Oh behalf of all of us at KTC, have a happy, safe and quit New Year!

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