One Year Done With the Dip For GS9502

One Year

I posted my introduction here and my first roll post on the June 2020 Renegade roster 365 days ago today. I’m one year into a quit I never thought would happen. I never wanted it to happen…until the day I thought my future with my wife and children was in jeopardy because of a bump on my gum. The look I saw when I told my wife, the fear in her eyes, that flash of worry – that was all it took.

My dentist pointed me to KTC, and I will be forever grateful to her for that. It was only through the power of God and the support of my fellow quitters here that I’ve made it this far. The journey hasn’t always been easy, but compared to what I’ve read from new quitters since, I have made it these 365 days with few troubles. Yes, I still have some craves. I still have some foggy days. I still have a short temper. I still have dip dreams, although some of mine have been about smoking (I smoked for years before I started dipping).

What I don’t have is that lump on my gum. What I don’t have is spit bottles and cups all over the house, in my office, and in my truck, stinking up everything. What I don’t have is a reason for my wife not to kiss me full on the lips. What I don’t have is a nervous breakdown while sitting through a long meeting or church thinking about wanting a dip. What I don’t have is stains on the bedsheets where I fell asleep with a dip in and drooled nasty spit.

What I do have is pride that I have made it 365 days without nicotine. I know I did it ODAAT. I know I have my Renegade brothers and sister to thank for the daily support. I know I have vet quitters like MuleMan, BigDiesel90, Stillbrewing, Athan, Zeus, and so many others that have my Quit 6 each and every day. This place is more to me than a daily check-in and promise. I’ve made friends here, friends I’ve never met (except 1, so far), but I hope to meet one day, so I can thank them in person for helping me stay quit. Going cold turkey is hard. Going cold turkey alone would have fucking sucked. I’m glad I didn’t have to.

If you’re a new quitter or a lurker who’s thinking about quitting, quit thinking and just do it. Put the can down. Walk away from it. It is not your friend. It is not your savior. It is a crutch. It is a drain on your wallet. And you better believe me when I tell you, IT IS KILLING YOU. Life will be rough for a while. It’s life, and it’s rough anyway, ain’t it? Nic never solved anything for me. It never made anything better for me. 1 Problem + Nicotine = 2 Problems. My regret is that it took me almost 30 years to realize that. At least I did, though. You can, too. It’s not too late.

I’m one year in. The scales of Quit are still tilted heavy toward the Years Using side, but ODAAT I’m shifting that balance in the other direction.

GS9502  365 and QLAMF EDD

NOTE: This piece written by forum member GS9502

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