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Here’s To Your Health – Justquitit Say Just Quit It!

Justquitit avatarYa know…

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write a Hall of Fame speech until I figured if one person read this and quit chewing or if one person read this and continued to quit.

Then this HOF speech is worth it.

My story is the same as any addict…

I started chewing Kodiak many years ago and I thought I it made me look cool and fit in with the other baseball players on my team.

And it continued till October of this year as I am still involved in coaching baseball at nationally prominent high school.

Though I don’t like to haunt the museum of my past.

If their is one thing I would change in the past, it would of been the addiction to tobacco I recently killed.

I hid it from my wife for 8 years…my oldest daughter for six years and when looking back on the past…

…Those moments tucking a dip between a cheek and gum are moments I’ll never have back.

I can’t count how many times I would stay up an extra hour just to cop another chew, even if my wife wanted a mattress bounce.

At one point I remember telling myself I would rather have a dip than get laid.

What a moron!

Imagine skipping out on sex just to have one more dip or sitting down on the shitter of all places for twenty minutes just to take a dip.

The damn shit try’s to control you and bend you to it’s will.

And it will if you let it.

It’s why you must take control and use all the resources available to you to quit.

Just like this amazing forum.

It seemed to me I quit an estimated 50 times until I won the battle with the help of KTC. And it is a battle, one waged in psychology and chemicals.

And if you want to quit and rid yourself of the nic bitch forever, this place is a tool you can use to wedge your addiction to nicotine.

To tell you the truth…

All I ever did was post every morning.

It was like I set a mini-goal each day and I had a whole new team of winners I posted with. I don’t know who they are or what they do, I only know their nicknames.

But they showed up everyday just like me and now were bonded forever through our quit.

And your quit group will be your anchor to success, use it daily to get through the tough times and the easy day’s which lay ahead.

Quitting gets easier by the day! It really does…

…Now from my experience I want to share what the quit is like for those starting out or preparing to quit.

I prepared for my quit day by only chewing a 1/2 a can a day. I stopped chewing when I would normally chew. I.E. after meals and while driving.

Then on the quit day I was so laser focused the day zipped by.

On the second day, right after lunch it hit me. That bitch nic pulled me every which way. I was dizzy and damn near fell over a few times just walking.

Then the third day was more of the same, in fact the next two weeks my head was in a wisp of clouds, nothing seemed clear.

Of course anyone who quits will tell you about the problems you’ll endure having to take a crap and the bouts of constipation will drive you down right nuts.

It’s why I suggest taking laxatives and extra fiber for the first month.

They will tell you nicotine stays in your system for three days, but the oral fixations and the twitch of the lower lip lasts for months.

Luckily if your male, I have some amazing news as your veins open up and allow the blood to flow forth like a raging river.

Did you know that while you were chewing you were cutting blood flow to your dick?

Well I can tell you for a fact that chewing tobacco can straight up fuck with your dick.

How can I say this…

Around month two my orgasms were 50x better, like awkwardly amazing. And around month 3 the blood flow to your Johnson is so strong you’ll be stunned when it becomes engorged with it’s new found path of blood.

If you’re thinking of quitting….this alone should make you stop today. You will have better sex and your penis will grow if you quit chewing!

I’m not kidding either, damn thing will add an inch just by quitting chew.


One thing I have learned in my life is not to look at the past or search for the future, just live each second in it’s present moment. Life is too precious to give to the tobacco companies and life is too rich to allow a chemical to control your mind.

A tobacco free lifestyle is something I will enjoy to the end of time and I’m amazed at the happiness I feel every day without someone or something else controlling my mind.

When you realize that chewing tobacco can steal your mind by lessening the blood flow and rob you of your thoughts plus shrink your Johnson by damning the blood flow, you have no excuse anymore.

No excuse to continue chewing is worth your life.

Quit today and join all of us quitters at KTC and live the richness of life without the control of a chemical.

You see…

…I dropped out of college 15 years ago when pursuing my degree to become a teacher and coach.

And I dropped out because nicotine may of helped rob me of my self-confidence.

So I spent 15 years dipping in an auto factory in Michigan, when I should of been encouraging the youth of America and helping guide them to success.

It’s why I was put on earth to give back to the youth and to help them develop life skills through baseball.

Since I have quit chewing, I have enrolled back in college to finish my degree.

What kind of dumbass works at shitty jobs just to pay ends meet when he was only 30 credit hours from a degree?

Me…i’m the dumbass….and I think the way nicotine controlled my mind is one of the reasons I didn’t finish. It controlled me!

Don’t let it control you!!!!

Now that I am nic free…I plan on working the next 25 years in a classroom and on the baseball field, helping our youth over achieve.

To all of my quit group members thank you!

And to everyone at KTC, thank you…YOU SAVED MY LIFE!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Justquitit

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