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Here’s Your Quit

nmc avatarThe first dip brought dizziness. It was from a can of Hawken my friend had right after baseball practice. Everyone here has a story about how they wish they had never started and I’m no different. We all have a story about our quit as well.

Over 100 days ago I had become disgusted by dip so I tossed what I had into the garbage and told myself I was done. I literally looked at it as a question of whether I was tougher than this little can. I was again the king of dizziness the first few days but I wasn’t going back. It just wasn’t going to be an option. I had gotten to the point that I hated the stuff. I did a Google search to see if the dizziness was normal and came across this place called KTC. “Hmmm, this looks interesting.” I read a few HOF speeches and soon realized there are other groups I can get access to if only I sign up. I didn’t even need to agree to three easy payments. I’m sitting there quit on day 4 or 5 trying to decide on a username. I can’t come up with anything so I hit submit after filling in “NMC.” No More Chew. Brilliant.

I soon realize that I don’t get to see the other groups until I’m approved. Then I noticed a “live chat” link. I wander in there and see several people logged in. I’m welcomed by Hydro and Justquit and the routine soon becomes 100 questions. Hydro asks if I’m signed up. Yup, just not approved. He then starts asking some guy named Franpro to approve me. Done. Next question. Do you know how to sign roll? Nope…and wtf is he talking about? Justquit asks if I’ve quit yet. Yup, several days ago. Attaboy received! Hydro’s back asking why I haven’t signed roll. I’m still no closer to knowing what “roll” is and I’m ready to kill him. Go bug someone else. He does. (I learn later that he posted for me.) Justquit asks a few more questions and I don’t feel the need to kill him.

The next evening or so I sign into chat and there sits Hydro and Justquit, again! Have you signed roll yet? No, and it’s becoming apparent they won’t stop asking until I do. I head off to read about posting roll and manage to post up an hour later…in the wrong place. Eventually I get back to chat and some guy named Outernal is bouncing around having six different conversations at the same time. He’s also using more expletives for the most routine things than I thought possible. I was witnessing the online equivalent of tourettes. I have now signed roll so I get left alone and I just watch the conversation between LanceSD, Justquit, Greg40, Kd4jet, Hydro, Outernal, Ricko, Kdip and a few others. I honestly sat there wondering, “What is wrong with these people?”

Fast-forward nearly three weeks and I’m logged into chat on two separate nights. The beauty and purpose of this place becomes evident when I see lenwas and Mrogers both getting talked into flushing their cans. They’ll tell their own stories but I had the pleasure of witnessing two people’s lives getting changed because of KTC.

We all have to make the decision to quit on our own. I stated earlier that I was done and wasn’t ever going back. I would like to think that I would have stayed on that path on my own but now I’ll never know. The night I chose a username and logged into chat was the night my quit became your quit. All of you get my burden as well. You’re welcome! I joined up with a bunch of strangers, many of which I now call my friend. I’ve given my word to remain quit each day for over 100 days. In return, you all have reached out and supported that quit. We’re all in this together and for that I’m grateful.

May09, thanks to every one of you!
Skoal Monster, you have the best rants around. You’re funny as hell too.
Outernal, your OCD makes me smile….and you are nuts
Nomocope, we need to hit the slopes someday. Thanks for all the PMs.
Mrogers, you were a great quitter from day 1.
lenwas, wish I would have been as smart as you at your age.
JAM, one day behind me helped me figure out the day.
Bert, Sparky, Huntemup, and Tab, always fun to visit with you in chat.
Brian, thanks for all the PMs.
BlueClaw, thanks for the great conversations.
Colonel No Cope and Nevermore, I always liked seeing your posts.
Voldemort, you’re a great quitter and you make me laugh.

May08, thanks for leading the way and for welcoming me!
Hydro and Justquit, I still smile over our first visit. You two rock; thanks!!
LanceSD, I’m proud to call you my friend.
Rkymtnman, thanks for all the support.
Kd4jet, thanks for all the time in chat. It was fun even when we were the only two in there on the weekend.
Ready and Redtrain, you two are uncanny in your PM timing. Always a pick-me-up.
Scooterscum, you are a sage already and your support is greatly appreciated.
Greg40, insane wit! Wish I could match it.
PbKid and NKT, I always liked hearing from you.
Smokeyg, I appreciate the help you gave.
Ricko and Kdip, you two are fine gentlemen.
Ajax, First time I was able to pay it forward. I’m proud of your quit and looking forward to your HOF!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member nmc

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