Crave Killers

The Crave Prevention Plan

PreventionMy previous post was called My Plan For Tonight.  Thanks to my Cavaliers my plan didn’t work out so well that night.  Oh well, at least I had another dip free day.

I’ve spoken often on the forums and on DISCORD about my cave prevention plan.  I think it’s a crucial tool in a quit and everyone should formulate one.  I’m a big fan of cliches.  More often than not they’re based in truth.  Here’s one that’s very relevant to this discussion: “If you fail to plan you’re planning to fail.”  What are you going to do when a crave hits?  How are you going to deal?  Are you going to cave to the pressure and go back to the can?  Not me… I’ve got a plan.

Chewie’s 3 Step Cave Plan

  1. Take picture of sons out of my wallet.  Look them in the face and tell them that I love dip more than I love them.
  2. Take out a business card.  Read the words on it and REALIZE that I’m about to let each and every one of the members down. 
  3. Call each of the 100+ KTC phone numbers that I’ve got in my phone and get permission from each and every one of them to have a dip.

Think this sounds silly?  It’s not.  I can tell you it works.  I’m not suggesting that this plan will work for everyone but it’s gotten me through 1,000+ days dip free and I’m going to continue to put it into action when necessary.

For what it’s worth – I’ve never had to go past step 1.

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9 years ago

My goal is to achieve the 72 hours free of chewing tobacco. The taste in my mouth and the smell on my fingers is disgusting. The risks of lessening my health due to this awful addiction will disable me to fight valiantly for my family. The selfish suicide costing me 2 dollars a day should go to a cancer research fund. I love my face way to much and the way my wife looks at my face more than the cool look I think I have while I am chewing. In fact I hate when others are chewing and spitting on the ground around me. I can not wait until chew is absolutely out of my life.

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