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HOF – Nappers 4/5/2015

KillTheCan LogoApes, fellow quitters,

My name is Aaron, I am as of this writing, a 21 year Correctional Deputy. I am 4 years from retirement. I’m 46 years old. I have been married twice and with my GF for almost 5 years. I have chewed for 32+ years. I started during the summer of 6th grade. I loved it. Nothing more satisfying than a fresh can and a fresh chew. I loved Kodiak, Kodiak is the only bear you can pinch (Until Grizzly came out). I remember chew being $.85 a can. You can buy a can and a couple of candies for a buck. God I loved it. We would chew Levi Garrett and see how big a puddle we could make. Nasty habit. I tried to quit a few occasions and would just go back after an epic fail or go to smoking (camel wides, God they were good). I did manage to quit for almost a month with my GF now. I couldn’t take it and stopped at any store to get a can. The day after Christmas 2014, I had a moment. I was putting a chew in while family was eating snacks, celebrating Christmas and whatnot. I felt bad, it tasted bad and I wanted no more of it. I asked God for help. I was surfing the internet and found this site and here we are 100 days later with my fellow Apes. It’s been a ride. I thank you and to the baddest roll ever April – 2015!!!

I just want to say that it was a privilege to quit with you Apes. I know a couple of times I ruffled feathers but my intentions were good and to benefit the quitters. You all are very passionate about this quit. First of all, I want to apologize for the days I missed roll. I have no excuse that wasn’t heard before. I did stay quit on those days. This journey was filled with potholes, overgrown trails, dangerous wildlife and not sure what would happen. The passion of this site, my fellow Apes and the Bad Ass quitters who supported us helped me through the tough times of bad withdraws. I still battle cravings. I used to like a dip after a meal, like immediately after eating. The still have food in my mouth dip!!! It’s just not as bad now. I just think, boy, wish I had a chew right now. The worst part was I gut the chew, didn’t use a spittoon! The last month or so I chewed, the flavor was not as pleasant and it made me nervous as we’ve seen all the video’s in high school of the dangers of chewing tobacco. Those who are in their mid 40’s anyways. That one kid, good looking, athlete, scholar, great future, now half of his face gone! Didn’t scare me. I chewed off and on for 32 years+. I would sometimes chew and smoke, at the same time and run with scissors. I was offered my first chew in 6th grade, promptly spit it out and threw up. That should have been a clue. Later that summer I was offered another chew, by the same best friend and I liked it. It went down hill since then.

It’s a disgusting, dirty nasty habit. The girls in High School thought it was gross and I hid it from my GF of 4+ years for two years. She has been behind me during my quit and my grumpy times.

I work in a place that has 65%+ that chews. I work 12 hour shifts 3 and 4 days a week. Don’t think that fellow Correctional Deputies didn’t stick a can under my nose and asked if I wanted a pinch. I refrained and didn’t cave. did I take a whiff you bet!

If you are a brand new quitter and reading this take note:

  1. You will withdraw and it sucks. suck it up Nancy, you can do it. find a hobby, sunflower seeds, gum whatever it takes.
  2. You will be grumpy. Tell your family, wife, GF, Husband, significant other that you will be grumpy. You will also need their support.
  3. Rely on this site, get numbers, call other quitters, stay quit. It sucks, you can do it.
  4. Don’t cave. You will get flamed by us. It sucks, you can do it.
  5. I didn’t gain weight, but you may gain weight, you can lose weight, losing a lip or face to chew is not good. It sucks, you can do it.
  6. If you start to cave as I have, refrain. Do not go where you normally go for a soda and can of chew. Go elsewhere for a while, forever, whatever it takes. It sucks, you can do it.

Mcarmo – 1250 – These guys like Wisconsin went into a game where the team they were facing was 38-0, a team that had beaten them the past and they looked the odds square in the eye and said “Not today.”

Very wise words my friends. I’m not the only one to gain recognition. I look at all the names in roll. I think about you guys non stop and echo, not today for me and my brothers and sisters.

100 days is a triumph. But it’s only 100 days. Stay quit, check in, remember your fellow quitters, exchange numbers and remember, these guys are very passionate about their quit. Don’t cave.

Stay quit my friends. You’ll feel better, save some dough and make new friends.



NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Nappers

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