2016 HOF Speeches

HOF Speech – HarleySftlDlx – What a Ride, Don’t Do It Alone

HarleySftldlx avatarWow, am I surprised to be here at 100 days with no Nic and 107 days with no Tobacco (I chewed Nic gum for a week after dropping dip). For me, there are 3 keys in quitting:

  1. YOU – You have to make the decision to quit, you can’t do it for anyone or anything else as it is going to be a tough road that is not to be taken lightly
  2. SUPPORT – Telling your closest loved ones know you are quitting and what to expect from the Nic withdrawal, as you will be ugly. But, if they know, they will be very supportive of your quit, despite your being a complete ass for a couple of weeks (ask my lovely wife, she’ll explain).
  3. KTC – What a fantastic find for me when searching the internet the morning I decided to quit. Immediately, I was curious and signed up, then I learned I couldn’t post until I dropped the nicotine gum. So, one week later I dropped the gum and started posting with the November “Swarmin’ Hornets”.

These 100 days to HOF, they have been quite a ride! KTC has been a wealth of support to me. Veteran support (Thank you for getting me started on the correct path, Kdip), the daily posts to promise quitting for that day, the making of friends in the group (Lance45, you young whippersnapper; I plan to continue giving and taking crap with you and to always be 1 day behind you in our quit), the fights within and outside our November group (all to make us better in our quit support), and the reading about others’ struggles to find that we are not alone.

One of my favorite finds was when I saw an article on things that go away after you quit. I expected this to be a medical treatise on all the health benefits. Instead it was a funny – but true – story of all the crazy things we do and deal with when addicted. I wish to add to this below in things I won’t miss.

I am so happy to be at 100 days and thank my wife, Jayna, for her love and support through this process. I am so thankful for all the members of KTC, from veterans to newbies. I promise to continue to post daily and pay it forward to newbies.

I Quit EDD, ODAAT with all of you, especially with Lance45 and Kdip!!

Next goal: 2nd Floor


  1. Ninja dipping: Buying tobacco free cans, emptying out and replacing with tobacco to sneak a dip
  2. Using the cup holder in the truck as a spitter, then forgetting about it when sitting down coffee
  3. Buying a bottled water at airport prices and then pouring it out to have a carry-on spitter
  4. Spending all that money for a can a day addiction
  5. The look on a flight attendant’s face when placing the water bottle spitter in her trash bag (and my wife’s look and comments if she sees this, not pretty).
  6. Slipping in a dip while others are eating dessert at a restaurant (spitted to be determined)
  7. The look on a waitress’ face when asking for a Styrofoam cup and napkins at a bar
  8. Putting in a dip while driving and getting the worm dirt all over you, especially with a white shirt
  9. Swearing that those stains on your shirt were from coffee
  10. Wiping your eyes with your finger after putting in a dip – that BURNS
  11. Running out late night, half-time of game, etc., to buy a can of dip as you have to have it
  12. Having a dip before bedtime (“it calms me”) vs. Dipping when waking up (“it energizes me”).
  13. Knocking your spit cup in the bath water when enjoying a good soak – shower time!
  14. Believing the self-told lies that a good dip will cure many ills including:a. Indigestion
    b. Gas
    c. Nervousness
    d. Sleepiness
    e. Constipation
    f. Any other lie that Nic-Beeyatch will tell you to just t

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member HarleySftldlx

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