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I’m the Boss – Take a Hike Nicotine

Slickwil avatarIt was 1982 I remember it like it was yesterday. My best friend Roy at the time has come by a can of Gold River and asked me to take a dip. I said no at first them he calls me a pussy, I laughed and said I’m not a pussy, toss that can over here. I took my first dip ever and man o man I got dizzy and sucker than a dog. Now you would think after that first dip and how it went that I would never take another pinch. Nope I took another and another. Man was I cool dude or what? Well here I am 35 years later and Copenhagen fine cut was my best friend now I thought, heck longer than Roy was my best friend, I lost touch with him after high school. If I was awake I had a dip in 95% of the time and had nasty spit bottle strategically placed all over the place ( I couldn’t swallow that crap). First thing I did when I woke up is put that crap in my mouth and spit it out when I went to bed.

Ok now I’m a bit older and my body is not the same as it used to be so now I’m going to the Doctors for Physicals and check ups. Found out I have severe sleep apnea and Doctors found some pre-cancerous polyps in my stomach. I have to go every year now for check ups.

I’m not like some that have tried to quit or even wanted to quit, I never tried to quit or wanted to. This was a scary thing to me to attempt to quit because I didn’t think I could but I knew it was time. I googled this site about 2 years ago but I just wasn’t ready. So February 2017 I was outside and was trying to figure out how I could quit. I remember this site so I took my can that was in my hand and slammed it on the ground and stomped on it. I then walked into the house and joined this site. I knew I was ready now.

For you guys that are reading this and think you can’t quit it’s bull crap because I know it can be done I’m proof. Just do it as long as your ready just do it. This place really does work.

I’m the BOSS now not nicotine!!

Now I want to thank GOD for putting KTC and May 17 brothers in my life and the Vets that post roll in support and text me ever day. I am also thankfully for all the bad ass Vets that come on here everyday and help others with their quit. You guys are what makes this go.

I’ll be around for a while helping whoever I can.
See y’all around.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Slickwil

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