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Just Do IT… Patrick C HOF Speech

Just Do IT... Patrick C HOF SpeechSo, I have reached this mystical 100 (and Beyond) day mark and all the Buzz is the HOF and KTC coins. Yea, franking yea. I have learned a lot over the past 100 days and have multiple tools in my tool box to help me. The people on KTC have helped me, the HOF speeches and all the blogs. My daily post of my quit etc. But this is only a tool because we are all 1 bad decision away.

My first bad decision came many years ago, when my brother offered me a Dip. I do not even remember how old I was. 12 or 13 and I learned over the next 30+ years how to be a Master Ninja Dipper. I would say I am a 10th degree black belt in ninja dipping. I could pull the can, open it, take a dip and put it back with one hand. Yea, I am good. Think about how many times I needed to do this to master it. I purchased 3 cans at a time so I was never out. I dipped at work, driving, watching TV, just about everywhere. I swallowed, spit etc. It did not matter. Almost no one knew I dipped.

I would dip almost 24 x 7. The only time I did not dip was while sleeping, working out and … Maybe that’s the only time. I was a slave to the Nic Bitch for over 30 years and I knew all the reasons to quit. I did not care. Nothing you said or did would make me quit.

I quit twice in the 30+ years. 8 Weeks for Boot camp and then maybe 2 Months for my ex-wife. The past 100 days have been the longest I believe. The past 100 Days have been tough as well. Its like the NIC bitch was not going to let me go and kept throwing shit at me. Over the past 100 Days I have been in a Car Accident, Divorced, Washing Machine on the fritz, reduction in pay, brother living with me and my son getting ready for collage. I have had more events , but the Bitch kept coming at me.

The Curve balls just kept coming. But as I think back, not just over the past 100 days, the past 30 years and all the times I said I would quit. I see know that the NIC BITCH was always throwing them at me. I would always find an excuse not to quit. Work, weight, stress and many other items would keep me from quitting. The NIC Bitch is very good at getting in your head and making you believe that you need her. Just like any other abusive relationship.

Its not Easy, the craves, the thoughts, the stress and everything else makes quitting hard. You can use the tools I did. ODAAT, or one day at a time and +1. Use them, abuse them and use the process. If I can quit, so can you. Like Nike, Just Do it.

You need to want to do this. Kick the NIC Bitch to the CURB and “JUST DO IT” and stop being the NIC BITCH’s Bitch.

Still Quit and at +1

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Patrick C

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