Two Types of Quitters at KillTheCan

Two Kinds of Quitters

I posted day 352 today so I have been here long enough to see that are 2 types of people on KTC; those that get it and those that don’t. The ones that get it post their promise first thing in the morning before they start their day. They exchange … Continue reading

Who Would Have Thought?

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President Donald Trump and Nicotine-Free Melted1, for the last 20 years those were laughable proposals. Today that is reality. Quitting chew was never on my list, even 6 months ago, I never even considered the proposition. When friends would say “I’m trying to quit”, I would ask “Don’t you have … Continue reading

100 Days In – Now What?

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I’m not going to take you through my 100 days quit. It’s similar to most other quitters, only different. If you want to learn about it, the story begins here. After 100 days, we are supposed to have the tools it takes to remain quit. What are these tools? Tool … Continue reading