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Kancoltex HOF, Why I Quit Yesterday and Today

I have chosen to not glorify my relationship with tobacco and our history together.  I had never quit more than 48 hours in the past 39 years.  I didn’t quit after I had a heart attack last August at 53 years old.  I hid a can with me when I went to the emergency room and hit it in my backpack my wife brought me in the hospital pre quadruple bypass surgery and for afterwards.  I didn’t quit after some nurse confronted me with the fact I had type 2 diabetes when it seemed like I just got out of surgery.  I basically said fk that, I haven’t had it very long and I will not continue with it if I can help it.  I made  a choice as a former basketball player and coach with bad arthritis in my knees that I was not going to let diabetes ruin my quality of life f I last into my seventies.  Obviously my wife and all family new I was quitting chewing (only an absolute moron) (or an addict) would continue.  So I kept that a secret as I went from 266 (I am 6’4 and maybe it was 270)  to 215 in about five or six months, as a lifestyle change, not a diet.  I have gained probably 2 pounds back since I quit chewing.

Here comes the awakening on nicotine and tobacco…  I get my blood test for my nine months check up with cardiologist and diabetes doctor.  I say this with humility and pride as I know what I accomplished in the last nine months is an accomplishment, but nothing if it does not last my lifetime.    I had dropped my blood scores back to where everything was normal and total reversal of type 2 diabetes (now I am diet controlled) all of which can return if I revert to my old habits.  The only score at the bottom of normal was my good cholesterol which was 39.  I was curious as to what I needed to do to make that score better, and what I found easily was use of nicotine and tobacco is a definite factor in having a low score on the good cholesterol.

It was at this point where I said WTF, , let’s QUIT THIS SHIT now why your on a roll.  (Don’t wait for cancer to quit ) Can it really be harder than reversing diabetes, working out every day for thirty minutes, and not eating many of the things I have enjoyed my whole life?

I started googling how to quit chewing, and I was blessed with this site.  I PLANNED my quit I motivated myself and was convinced in the cold turkey method and was willing to try and quit every day until it I could quit for  two days in a row. I posted day one on June 9 with my 54th birthday being June 10. Thinking I would repost day 1 on my birthday was obvious in my mind. I got through Day 1 and each day after that because of the accountability from strangers and the brotherhood of knowing the struggles each of us face.  The comfort in those that are fighting the fight with you and those that haVe accomplished your goals and still are fighting their fight every day to say NO.

The absolute most amazing thing to me is that quitting chewing is much easier than eating right every day and going to work out for thirty minutes every day. All of my life changes are for a lifetime not a faze.  But quitting tobacco is the only thing that I can not have a cheat day.

Although I have not bonded with or reached out to individuals personally on the site, veteran quitters and current September 2018 quitters have inspired me to climb a mountain that I have been staring at for at least over 30 years and it was such an overwhelming obstacle I just would say fk it, everyone is entitled to one bad habit.

To be inspired by those who climbed the mountain and stayed to help others climb up is what life about in my opinion.  I am so proud to be part of the many who have benefited from KTC  and I will give back as well to those who face the challenges after me.

Thank you so much KTC for being here for myself and my family

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Kancoltex

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