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Nasty Ass DipAs we announced recently here on the blog, on Tuesday, January 21st at 9:00 PM EST we’re going to once again welcome Lee “American Gladiator Hawk” Reherman into our live chat for a guest chat session.  If past live chats with Lee are any indication, we may also be paid a visit by founder of Hooch Snuff, Chet May.  Chet’s a great guy and typically brings some goodies with him 😉

Lee’s a big movie & television star these days appearing in Star Trek Into Darkness, The First Family and a slew of other shows, movies and commercials.  He was nice enough to put together this little promo our live chat.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 21st!

Video Transcript

Bro… you are still not putting that nasty ass tobacco in your mouth are you?  Come on it’s 2014!!!  It’s time for a New Year’s Resolution to quit.  And Hooch Snuff and Kill The Can can help.

And that goes for you too!  So go right now to to find out about our live chat coming up on January 21st.  And go to and find out about the three new Rough Cut Hooch Snuff flavors.

Aw come on bro that didn’t hurt… come on.  Look I got some rough cut for you.  What to you want, I got wintergreen, I got mint and I got classic.

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