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Knock It Off Alice! – Hooch Snuff and

Knock It Off Alice

Our friends at Hooch Snuff have recently released an awesome new quit video starring none other than former American Gladiator Lee “Hawk” Reherman.  You may know Lee from when he visited us in our Live Chat or from his appearances in The First Family or Star Trek Into Darkness.

This video is called “Knock It Off Alice!”  And per Hooch owner Chet May, “Alice” stands for Another Lame Ignorant Cave Excuse.

Special thanks to Chet at Hooch and Lee for producing a great little piece and for the shout out.  Get your quit on Alice!

Video Transcript

“Knock it off Alice.  Knock it off Alice. Knock it off Alice.

Yeah… I know, I know, I know. You’d like to quit, but baseball’s your trigger.  You wish you could quit but yardwork is your trigger.  You’re hoping to quit, but fishing is your trigger. 

Trigger… please.  Get your candy apple over to or and learn how to get your quit on. Now.  What are you waiting for?  GO!”

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9 years ago

This video is both clean and thoughtful. This video makes fun of sexism, it calls out our excuses, and it offers a meaningful connection to the strength that is going to be required to quit the can. I like Hooch spitfire (Although I am a Smokey Mtn user myself) and I love the real person (regular guy) approach to this message.

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