2013 HOF Speeches

Living in the Hall of Fame – Post Roll and Don’t Dip

KTC Questions and AnswersSo here I am at day 143 realizing that I am a few days late on writing my HOF Speech .

You guys have said it and heard me say it a million times. Quitting is easy- you just post roll and don’t dip. Boy to the general public it must really look easy. To us addicts it is like someone saying “don’t take a breath” or “don’t ever eat again”.

Being a cyclist, I am used to suffering so the actual hard physical part of the quit was just fine for me. It was hard, no it was damn hard, hell…it almost impossible but I knew I could handle that. As I feared, the routine day to day quit was the most difficult to me. As I get deeper into my journey the “quit for today” gets more and more important and it keeps me going strong. Life as it always does, has thrown me some curve balls but that has nothing to do with dipping.

I have had many challenges and there have been times where I was very week but let me just tell you- a lot of people put time and effort into my quit and I will not disrespect that. I have dug deep into my gut, realized that I couldn’t beat this thing alone, asked for help from a bunch of strangers, family members and my Angel of a wife and made a pretty good start at quitting this addiction.

This forum has taught me how to use tools and become successful. The veterans’ showed me the way, my group kept me in line and the newbie’s keep me motivated. I will do my very best to pay it forward.

I hope that I have helped at least one person in their quit. I usually just post the same thing over and over in the newbie into section but maybe it has touched a person or two.

I have also met some new friends along the way and that’s what life is really about.

I want to thank anyone that reached out to help me out of the starting blocks of my quit and whom I know will help me with the rest of the race. All of you guys have made a tremendous effort to help me.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ParadigmDawg

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