2009 HOF Speeches


KTC We're All AddictsI am a person of few words, but here I will try to make them matter if for just one sorry nicotine riddled person that has NOT made the best life altering decision of his or her life YET….. Please read this and everything else on this site!! NOW!!!!!!!!!

It has been 100 days, (and counting)

I have read everything that I could on this site I POSTED ROLL!
I asked for help from my friends, family and my Aug brothers I POSTED ROLL!
I promised everymorning not to dip today I POSTED ROLL!
I read, signed and carried everyday my promise to quit I POSTED ROLL!
I was in the hosptial for over a week I POSTED ROLL!
I participated in this site I POSTED ROLL!
I went fishing without snuff I POSTED ROLL!
I love my wife I POSTED ROLL!
I have taken over $600 away from tobacco companies because I POSTED ROLL!
I have kissed my wife first thing in the morning because I promised not to dip today I POSTED ROLL!
I will follow my group below the line to 2009 AUG HOF Class I WILL CONTINUE TO POST ROLL!
I will help whoever wants help as long as they POST ROLL!
I will order my HOF COIN because I POSTED ROLL!
I changed my life because I made the decision to not dip snuff today I POSTED ROLL!!! DAY 100!!
WE can kick the NIC BITCH out of OUR lives if we all POST ROLL!
WE can have a clean life if WE POST ROLL!
WE can be around for our family, friends, wives, kids, etc if WE POST ROLL!
I know it is not even close to being over but I WILL CONTINUE TO POST ROLL!!!!!!

Moral to this story is what you make it, what you put into it and what you are willing to give up to take your life back. For me it was simple, I want to be around for my wife, family, kids, grand-children, great grand-children, future friends, future family, for myself so…………….

I POSTED ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You get what you give,

What will you do????????????????????????????

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member thumper069

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