People Are Suing Over Exploding E-Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes Vapers Nam Y. Huh - AP
Photo Credit: Nam Y. Huh – AP

Some people see vaping as a safe (or safer) alternative to traditional cigarettes. As of this writing I think I’d probably share that opinion but I reserve the right to change my opinion based on future studies and findings. I’m not here to debate that (today). I ran across this article from TIME Magazine that shows another reason why you may want to steer clear of e-cigs.

Dozens of such suits have been filed in New York, Florida, and California, among other states, The Wall Street Journal reports dozen of lawsuits from around the country where e-cigarettes have harmed their users when the devices have exploded.  The TIME article goes into detail about one user Rachel Berven, “Who says her e-cigarette exploded in February after she had changed the battery, spilling battery acid across her body and causing burns and dental damage.” Damn. Just… damn.

The article goes on to state, “In many cases, these malfunctions can be traced to the lithium ion batteries that power many e-cigarettes. Such batteries have been known to cause similar issues in other electronics.” My wife and I went on a vacation recently where e-cigarettes were specifically called out during the pre-flight routine.

Read the original article here:

Photo credit Nam Y. Huh/AP

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