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CigarsI honestly have no qualms about nic, dip, or cravings….I don’t think about dipping. I do think about a cigar on the golf course once in a while, but quickly shush those thoughts out of my mind when I (quickly) realize the consequences…..Especially since I have only been able to golf once a year…  That is so weird, because, in a year, I may have smoked 2 cigars in the past..It is not like it was a weekly occurrence. My last cigar was over 10 years ago… Very strange to me… I think I romanticize the thought of a nice maduro….

Dreams….Some times still happen. Not lately, but recent enough to recall. Effing nic bitch…So strange. Luckily, nothing happens that is strong enough to put me in a position of weakness.

Quite honestly, the quote in my signature reflects my exact feelings and thoughts on the subject. My door is closed. I am done. The commitment that I made to myself and my family stands above anything else. Never again, for any reason. I am very grateful for being able to feel this way, after all of these years. I wish the same on every quitter on this site.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Remshot

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Mitch Cusolito
Mitch Cusolito
6 years ago

I have 2 friends go back to dipping and smoking because of cigars. This was after 10+ years! Good for you for pushing those thoughts away!! 6 months without dip and 23 years sober

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