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Pouch Preview: Grinds Vs. Teaza – Reviews By Sox2012

The following review was sent in by forum member Sox2012

Peppermint & Vanilla GrindsAfter seeing Grinds on Shark Tank I was anxious to give them a try, and let me say I wasn’t upset. I was able to try a few different flavors including mocha, cinnamon roll and vanilla. While I am not a huge coffee drinker I did like the fact that the flavoring would overcome the actual coffee flavor.

The pouches were the perfect size and I often times found myself forgetting that I had them in and would handle the duties of my job with them, including speaking to the public without anyone noticing.

While I did like the flavors and convenience I at times found my mouth rather dry while having a pouch or 2 in, but having something between cheek and gum really filled that need.

You can find Grinds on the web at or on Twitter you can follow user @getGRINDS.

Teaza SamplesI was also able to give Tea-za a workout. I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this product. I had sample packets of the cinnamon, peppermint and fire. The pouches again were a perfect size and allowed me to speak unobstructed. Being a former wintergreen dipper I first tried the peppermint and was extremely satisfied with the flavor, saliva production and longevity of the pouch. At one point during my quit I tried the atomic fireball candies to fulfill the oral fixation to an epic fail. After about 4 days of using the candies I actually developed a chemical burn on the inside of my gum that took well over a week to heal. When first trying the Tea-za cinnamon pouch I instantly got that sweet and spicy taste of the fireball candy and did not suffer any burns for it. Finally, the fire, and if you have never read the description allow me to share it with you. Citrus with habanaro and cayenne peppers! I love spicy food and the spicier the better. This pouch was actually a little too spicy even for my palette. I was using a single pouch at a time and it felt like it was burning a hole in my lip and I was only able to use it for a short period. Unfortunately the Tea-za pouches are a bit larger and not constructed as well as the Grinds pouch and I found that the pouches were rather soggy when I would go to evacuate them.

Overall I enjoyed both products, but in the end I liked the Tea-za energy pouch a little better than the Grinds. The overall flavor of the Tea-za was stronger and I think had a bit more longevity than the Grinds pouch and I never suffered from the dry mouth syndrome. I enjoyed the product so much that I plan on placing a order for more Tea-za in the near future. If you check their website you can get a 50% of coupon just for signing up to their e-mail list.

I would like to thank Chewie for the opportunity to give these great products a try and allowing me to give you my opinion on them.

Sox2012 – September 2012

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8 years ago

After trying both, it’s not even a contest, Teaza KO’s Grinds in the 1st round.

9 years ago

I’ve tried all the of the smokeless alternative pouches offered. That being said, I think TeaZa is the best of them. As Sox2012 stated, the pouch is larger than the others which is perfect for me. Although the web-site does not have a mix and match, you can call the company to do a mix and match order and the discount will be provided. Also, you can call or e-mail and they will send you a single pouch of each flavor to try.
Overall… IMO, once again, this is the best pouch on the market. Highly recommended. I generally get 3-4 hours out of each pouch without losing any flavor. Try it out!

9 years ago
Reply to  Chewie

Which two Chewie? In addition to what they have or 2 NEW flavors not offered yet?

9 years ago
Reply to  Chewie

Oh… Ok. Tried both. Cool Mint is awesome! Black Cherry was a little dry.

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