2020 HOF Speeches

Quack Quit HOF Speech

Quack Quit HOF SpeechWhat I really Know and what I don’t Know!

Let’s start with what I Know.

I know I am 100 days with no nicotine.

I know I must be an addict of nicotine because I started when I was a teen and I am now 56 years old, stopped for 6 years and started again 3 years ago. Only an addict could do that.

I know I must have been searching for help or I would not have found KTC.

I know although very early into this quit it feels much different from any other and there has been many stops along the way.

I know after or around halfway to HOF I considered not caving but just not posting because the only time I seem to think about it is when I post….if that makes sense.

I know I have met some real cool cats along the way and that me not contributing would be letting them down.

I know along the way a few of you have texted me when feeling the urge to cave or something just personal (You know who you are)…and I think or hope I helped.

I know this computer stuff has driven me crazy but I finally got it.

I know I am having an easier time with this quit for different reasons but can’t put my guard down and being committed to posting and being there for others is what this is all about.

I know there are some real bad ass quitters who may not know it but have really helped me in their own way….

UnderTaker you were the first to help bury the nic bitch!, JBash, PQ4, ankape, chrisalaska2 (everyday that text sets me straight) all those chatroom groupies…Bug guy, Smokey, Nodnarb, Wastepanel, Miker0351, JoshTPA, Shlblvr, SigSigma, Ben72….all the experts in chat……and many more that I am probably forgetting….I thank you all for being there for me now and in the future!

last but not least FishFlorida…we made a pact about a month ago that I was coming to Florida to see him and today on day 100 we met for lunch, had great conversation and talked about the future of my quit and his. How and what this brotherhood and sisterhood is really all about. He also showed me how to use my phone! Its people like this and friendships we make that will support us all through the hard times of our quits.

I know one more thing. I promise if I ever think I am going to cave one of you will get a call before any of that shit goes in my mouth and I expect the same from you!

Here is what I don’t know!

I don’t know what the future holds for any of us other than its just ODAAT.

PTQWY and the Force!

Quack quit (Tom)

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member quack quit

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