2014 HOF Speeches

Scott87’s Hall of Fame Speech

KTC Questions and AnswersHey Brothers,

I’m in the January Hall of Fame class, HOF Date of Jan 15th, which continues to be one of if not the biggest accomplishment in my life time. That accomplishment is something that i take tremendously serious and with a tremendous amount of pride.

It has taken me nearly 3 full months to sit down and write this, but after seeing one of my January quit brothers cave the last few days, it really shakes me back to the reality of the situation. I would not have quit without this website and more importantly the unbelievable members. End of story. And it is selfish of me to get to a point that I feel like I no longer need or need to be involved to help others struggling behind and for that I apologize.

I never had a problem admitting that I had problem with dipping, throughout the last 2-3 years, when asked what I hated most about myself and what i wished i could change, my answer was always dipping. I had friends and family telling me it was something they could not stand, a girlfriend and told me how much she hated every step along the way. Even though I recognized the problem and wanted desperately to change it, I never thought i was strong enough to do it. And honestly, i was right, i wasn’t strong enough to do it on my own, I needed this website and the accountability it provides. I could mention a lot of different brothers that have helped, but two stand out to me Zeno (Eric) and Sportsfan (Scott). These two guys were the first to give me a call and introduce themselves and say hey, i know exactly what you’re going through, here’s what to expect and feel free to reach out a long the way. That would have been enough, but they dind’t stop there, they reached out weekly to check-in hold me accoutable and make sure i was keeping my word everytime and for that I thank you guys, you saved my life.

To the guys reading this and coming up, read everyhting you can about your addiction , because it’s real. Understand what it is going to do to fight against you and the better you understand what is happenign in your body, the more you will be able to fight it. Know that as more days go by, it won’t just get a lot easier. It’s cliche to say, but you won’t just no longer crave a dip, you will hate yourself for ever craving a dip in the first place.

I am looking forward to quitting with you all moving forward and thank you for everything you’ve done to help me.

I’m quit,


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Scott87

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